Web Release Notes

QPack Web Release Notes

Release Date: 01-FEB-2016

New Features

Improve performance of update item
Enable uploading attachments with any name format that is supported by Windows OS
Remove the floating green bar from online doc
Allow rerun test from last position
Order by fields value names and not CODE of type combo
update/checkin/mass update – new methodology that enables admin to enforce checkout item before edit
Electronic signture -> Documents/Electronics records grid should be searchable and order by key
Advance project version
Don’t allow to add more than one mandatory rule for each field
Delete project version
Edit project version
Allow branch defect
Add “Action” column to the source files tab
Change traceability grid headers (source name and location)
Improve URL styling in ckEditor default style
Add more date options in filter
Add new permission to every work item: “Force Release Checkout”
Add Creator and Assigned to the users list on the ALERT (Supported by the QPack Service Already)
When adding hyperlinks to ckEditor – defualt should be “target=”_blank”

Bug Fixes

Import/Export process flow should remove old process flow
Can’t see defects reported during test run while in solution (happens sometimes)
In some cases, the defect is not added while faiul test with defect
History for FMEA updates is wrong for some fields
Auto Assign to creator is not working (In View Mode) in some cases
Edit Description of Attachment shows HTML Tags
Filter fails when trying to filter by traceability (by item type)
Mandatory Parameter value is not forced in some cases
Unable to add Attachment when name contains #
No Email Notification for “Status Update” option selected in Event
system MUST let user to upload any supported file name by windows OS for attachments/revisions
Incorrect Syntax Error on Deleting the Work Item
Error during Onine Doc due to the user of the char “&” in the work item name
Groups tab has the group name though all users are deleted from the Project’ Group
Graph with Taceability Indicator doesnt find any data
Test run view is not returning all parameters
Cut Action done across project shows permission error
Group Dropdown enlist the Distribution List also
Saving the Work Item by deleting its name gives error
After Rerun, Last Run Version Field gets blank
Back button is not operational when item opened  in View Mode from Searched list
Cannot create New Advance Version for the Project/Solution
Execution is not advance when advancing project version
Breadcrumb for Solution > Select Solution is incorrect
Test Run Exection -> Fail With Defect. No automatic defect description appears
The error on downloading file with special characters in file name
Email is sent to external customer when adding private discussion
Pressing on Work Item tab is not stopping Dashboard buildup
User in SAML mode is always redirected to dashboard even when click item link in email
Can’t remove Parent Item Id from defect layout
Can’t sort by Filter By Item
Run Parameters are not correct when test is rerun more than once
Plus button in service center is not woring
Sorting of Versions is not working
Last Week, Quarter, Month does not display the results
Sorting of WorkAround in Defect View gives error
Sorting on Last Discussion Column is not working
Sort By Version in Test Run View gives error
filter by item not working for test run
Category Sorting for Defect is not working
Sort the Field List in Mass Update dialog box
Assigned To Tester, Ran By Tester sorting in Test Run View gives error
when search returns pool items – it shows “locate on tree” button. it shouldnt
add project doesn’t import the risk custom fields
When Work Item module is disabled from group the search option does not work and always return back to the dashboard bin
Updated By Sorting shows data updated by QPack System first in ASC order and vice versa
when add item to pool while in solution (the + button next to search) – show only items related to the current solution
System allow me to edit item locked by another user
Synopsis Sorting for Defect is not working
order by assigned to + quick search gives error
Add defect and click “Save & New” – adds the new defect under project and not under selected item
On Clone View, selected fields in traced Item data section gets removed
Items Order By Severity and Priority is not working
Created By and Created Date Columns are not displayed in the Grid for Test Run Views
“Locate on Tree” button is missing in View mode on OnlineDoc Edit Page
Test Run View with “Execution Set Status” is not working
Filtering by test run parameter is not getting right results
Deleted Execution Set Exist in the Execution Set tab of Test case
Key Column is missing in Test Run Grid Results
Allow adding defects to items on any state (either lock by other user, or force checkout is true and item is not locked by me)
Change Admin label for the permission: “Allow Release Checked Out Item By Other Users”
Manager list is not sorted alphabeticly
View by “Traced Items Info” criteria gives error
Click on “All Users/All Project Users” hyperlink on custom Fields Page display Reference table with no data
File Downloaded in PDF Format in Approved Status does not display the Role of the Signer
Traced Item Info Column displays Work Item Code instead of Custom Code
The Discussion Indication column is marked for all by default
Frezzed Work Items missing icon indication on the Tree and on the Item tool bar
Effective date is missing on the PDF cover letter
Auto refresh should be placed at bottom of the page in Grid and traceability matrix Panel
New item location is incorrect
Overlapping of grid result on selecting the different project in ADD Traceability(Pre-filled data)
Pressing the GO link from ALERT(created for Test Run) report does not display the result
No results filtered by specify criteria “Ran By Tester”
Default value set is not displayed in Grid on Custom Fields Page
Graph cut off when full screen
Defect Indication is present in the execution set for the test case in which test case has not executed
Traced Items Info Field is missing in Test Run View
Go Link for Dynamic Views in Doc for View is incorrect
Test Name is missing for the Test case which is in “No Run” status
Customization > Mandatory Field Rule are not implemented in the new project created
Error when no item tab selected
Test Run View with Filter By Item is not working
Show/Hide does not refresh the Show Indication column in Work Item Customization Page
Date format settings does no affect the Time Of Change date format in the item history tab
Hyper link text color is not standard and difficult to find, please use the color in the example of the task
Last discussion in email notification should be html
Service Center gives error in case last customer cookie is not found.
Filter by item for test run is stuck. need to change query – follow dev instrucitons
The Field names in Field Layout Section are appended with digits
Remove “Description” Field in Test Run View from all 3 report levels
Drag and drop image to ckEditor drops url and not the image
Defect ID is missing in Test Run History of the test case failed with defect
Dashboard Filter click window refresh button and re size grid not working
Download attachment gives error(File name with + sign)
Not active projects are displayed in Solution
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