Web Release Notes

QPack Web Release Notes

New Features
Support sending alerts for assigned user and creator
OnlineDoc improvement – allow to add items while in OnlieDoc Edit mode
OnlineDoc – improve performance
Improve trace items info setup while managing filter
UI improvments to embed View/FIeld into description
Allow iFrame option in editor for better collaboration with 3rd party tools
Customer list left pane (list with logo) shows tooltip in case customer name is truncated
Allow add projects on all version of solution
Export filter (to any file) sets file name = filter name
Allow to remove the MS Word description also when trying to edit item from Online Document
Add new system field – Coverage Completion (%) that shows the percent of completed related source items of current item.

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Bug Fixes
Alerts were sent even when they didn’t contain records
HTML Tags included in defect Synopsis when raising the defect during test execution(Fail with Defect)
Filter by Item for Defect was not working
Item link in results was incorrect.  it directed to item version and not the current view version
Test Run View with Filter By Item was not working
User Name should not accept special characters other than . ‘/-/_
The Steps were editable for Checkout Item (RED Lock) from Online Doc Edit
Clone view sometimes generated error the new views created in the Build
Customization > Default Mandatory Field Rule were not implemented in the new project creation
Test run history in exec set sometimes showed empty results
Adding traceability between defect to service call was duplicated
Can’t view source files
Update the error message when “Assigned to” field has no value during adding new defect
Do not allow Add/Delete option for Risk Table(Severity, Probability, Detectability, Risk Level)
Test run->”Fail with defect” reformat the actual result while inserted to defect synopsis, showing HTML tags and multiple lines
Spelling correction of FMEA section
No History was recorded on deleting the Unit Test case
History recorded on moving the test case in Execution set is incorrect
Fail with Defect was not working at last step
Test Run History dashboard was blank
Sharing Application includes Service center even after removing it
Exclude Group Under Project Process Flow is not working
In Traceability TAB, Revision is missing for Branched Requirement
Getting Error of duplicate item name on updating the Description(By Edit Link)
Links from esign mails redirecting to the wrong url
SQL Error on view : When Updated by is selected in dashboard graph
Test Run with traceability criteria gives error
Click on Graph in Full Screen mode does not give correct results
Numeric default value is not working for Run Parameters
When item was signed (not just DMS, but any item that has been esign – don’t allow to delete it
Run parameters not seen in execution run history filters – both in desktop and web
Not able to delete execution set in some cases
Go Link is not working for Dynamic filters (Doc for View)
check Syntax in view management does not verify the syntax for dates
Cannot set the number of rows per page to be constant (20/50/100…). when exiting the page, the definition is being deleted (work fine only on work items level, not in Admin)
Google map with ” in customer name not working when customer name contains “
Unable to add Attachment which contains #
wrong Freeze indication when generate Online Doc
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