Install And Upgrade (on-premise)

Server Migration

In order to change the Orcanos server to a different server, follow the below steps:

Orcanos Setup

1.  Register at Orcanos website (

2.  Download the Orcanos server setup.

3.  Run the setup completely (including SQLSERVER, even if the SQLSERVER is located on a different machine).

SQLSERVER on the current machine

1.  Backup the Orcanos database from the old machine and restore it in the new machine.

SQLSERVER on a different machine

1.  Go to ~program files/qpack/qpack.xml and change the DB settings to direct to the DB on the other machine.

QPack FTP Migration

1.  In case the FTP folder containing the attachments should change, copy the QPackFTP folder (usually located in ~program files (x86)/QPack/QPackFTP) to the new server (same location).

2.  Run the program that changes the FTP links to the new machine (changeftplocation.exe).

License registration

1.  Send the registration code to Orcanos support and get a new license key for the new machine.

2.  Orcanos team will create a new account and upload the license information to the upgrade server

3.  Get the new customer ID from Orcanos and update it on CUST_LIC.cust_id


1.  Run the upgrade again. License information is updated automatically on upgrade

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