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Suspicious Items


For better impact analysis, Orcanos have introduced two new fields: Suspicious Indication and Suspicious Information


It assists the user in assessing the impact of a change when the linked item is updated. Means if the target is updated, the source items will be marked as Suspicious

The above 2 Fields are non-editable and filled by the system automatically.

Let’s take an example here:

Suppose Item B(Source) –> Item A(Target)

Item C(Source) –> Item A(Target) and

Item A(Source) –> Item D(Target)

Now if there is an update in Item A (Name or Description), the linked Items – Item B and Item C will be marked as Suspicious as

Suspicious Indication and Suspicious Information Fields are non-editable and are available only in Items’s View Mode

The Impact is presented by the Icon  in the Suspicious Indication column of the Work Item Grid Results.

In the Work Item Details Page, the Suspicious Indication should be marked as Yes and Suspicious Information should have the value as Date & Time, Item ID which is updated.

Click on Diff Icon in the Suspicious Information Column show the Changes Done on the Item that triggered the suspicion.


In case the user wants to reset the Suspicious Indication, Click on the Icon  in the Work Item Grid

The Confirmation pop-up is opened

Clicking on OK Button, resets the values. The Suspicious Indication should not display the Icon and has value No on work item details Page. Suspicious Information should become blank after reset.

Suspicious Indication Feature does not work with DMS Items and Defects


Use these fields in combination to get the Email Notifications on Suspicious Indication set as Yes.

User can also configure to get the Alerts to list all the Items which are marked Suspicious.


Work Items Actions: Reset Suspicious Indication

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