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System Tables


System Tables in the application are used for the custom fields selection list for the field types combo box and multi-select.


  • Select the System Tables from Admin > System Configuration.
  • Click on the red plus Add Icon at the bottom right corner.
  • .Input the Name and click on the Save button.
  • The system table page gets displayed, by default no system table value is displayed

Default System Tables i.e Work Item Status and Category  table cannot be edited or deleted. We have only View Icon in the Actions Column

Custom System Tables can be edited, deleted and Viewed


  • Click on the View Icon corresponding to the System table
  • The system table page gets displayed, by default no system table value is displayed
  • Click the Add icon at the bottom right corner.
  • Input the Description
    • Description: Name of the value – which the user selects from the selection list
    • Color: Click the Color field to select the code color.
    • Is Default: Selecting the checkbox ensures this value is selected when an item is created.
    • Is Active: On selecting this checkbox every status gets the indication if it is active or complete.
    • Is Complete: This is only for the purpose of status. Selecting this checkbox ensures that If the work item has reached a specific status, it is marked as completed.
    • Is Freeze: Selecting this checkbox prevents you from modifying the work item in this specific status.
  • Click Next to add another system table value, Prev icon to go to the previous item or Save Button.


Import System Table Values

Manage Item Freeze Status

Manage System Table Values

Special System Tables


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