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Requirements Management

QPack Requirements management tool allows you to plan, approve, trace and validate requirements, manage any audit, compliance or regulatory and integrate to your office environment.

QPack Requirements Management seamlessly integrates to other QPack modules such as test mangement and defect tracking.

  • Gathering Business, Product, Software Requirements
  • Requirements traceability by design objects and test cases
  • Manage review, approve and implementation of requirement lifecycle using workflows
  • Generate requirements management documents and sync changes back to QPack
  • Requirements management single repository
  • Build hierarchic requirements tree based on your requirements document structure
  • Prioritize and assign effort estimation
  • Use object discussion to share your thoughts with your team
  • Manage requirements backlog using QPack requirements pool



Single repository for software requirements management

QPack Requirements definition software makes it very easy to manage your content.

  • Easy to use hierarchic requirements writing software
  • Prioritize and assign effort estimation
  • Manage complete requirements lifecycle
  • Alert for changes with QPack alerts and notifications
  • Requirements traceability for each release

Managing requirements using Solutions & multi-version

QPack requirements tool provides release management and future planning capabilities for better requirements tracking.

  • Complete requirements tool to track changes and manage backlog
  • Manage software requirements hierarchy using solutions

Better requirements traceability using QPack Analytics

  • Measure Requirements traceability by several KPI’s
  • Assure requirements verification and validation by testing and defect tracking

Easily design and generate MS Word documents including embedded reports

  • Generate your business requirements such as PRD, MRD with MS Word integration
  • Generate your functional requirements documents, such as SRS with MS Word integration,
  • Software requirements Documents are submitted to any regulation or compliance
  • Synchronize changes in requirements between MS Word and QPack requirements management repository

Read more: QPack MS-Word Plug-in

Communicate with QPack Test Management and Defect Tracking

QPack Requirements management software allows R&D department to add software requirements specifications and tasks to each requirement, while the QA team assign test cases and test execution suites to assure requirements tracking by each ALM aspect.

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