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Item’s Freeze Status Management


Freeze is an attribute of status in a workflow state than allows freeze items when the item is in a specific status. Freezing items can be used when you need to restrict the editing of specific items based on their status. The same item types (such as requirements) in different status will be editable.

The freeze is indicated by the f  icon in the item view mode.


Item freeze status is defined in system tables. In System tables, there is an option to mark the specific status as “Is Freeze

So, when item status is changed to a status that is marked “Is Freeze”, the item cannot be edited, unless the user group has the permission to change Is Freeze item status in the process flow.

So, let’s take an example:

Item of type Requirement has the following statuses:

New > Assigned

Assigned > Approved

The Approved status is marked as “Is Freeze” in the System Tables

Here the Requirements in status “Approved” are Freezed and hence cannot be edited or deleted. User cannot add attachment, traceability, add test steps and so on.


There are 2 ways to unfreeze the Item

Method 1:

In the project process flow of Requirement work item, set the following status flow

Approved > In Process

In this case – anyone can make a change to the item in Freeze status, as it is possible to change status from Approved to In process

In order to block the permission to edit a frozen item, Admin needs to exclude the groups that cannot change the status from “Approved” to anything. Therefore they will not have the permissions to edit the item in freeze mode

Once these groups are excluded, users belonging to these groups will not be able to edit the freeze item.

Method 2: 

Uncheck Is freeze checkbox for the Approved status in the system table.


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