Mandatory Field Rule


The Mandatory Field Rules in Orcanos ALM enables you to define mandatory rules for the work items

This is the default mandatory rules for each work item. When you change it here – it doesn’t affect the already created projects, but used as default for new projects. You can always use the Import/Export utility in order to get mandatory rules for the existing Projects from default


When a user creates any new work Item, the default Mandatory Field Rules will be taken from the defined Project’s Mandatory Field Rules.

There are two places where you can define the work item Mandatory Field Rules:

  • Admin > Customization >Mandatory Field Rule: Specify the Mandatory Field Rule of selected work item whenever you create a new project.
  • Admin >Projects & Solutions >Projects > Mandatory Field Rules Tab: Overwrite the system definition with a project-specific definition.


  •  Select the Mandatory Field Rule in Customization under Admin.  Mandatory Field Rule Page is displayed with the last saved work item type.
  • Click Add Icon opens the Manage Mandatory Field Rule pop-up. Work Item should be auto selected. By default, work item selected should be same as work item type selected on Mandatory Field Rule Page

System now allows user to define multiple rules for same field and same work Item. For Ex: Rule 1 – Defect Status Invalid value – Reject      Rule 2 – Defect Status Invalid Value – Deferred

Field : Select the Field for the mandatory Field rule needs to be defined

Invalid Value: Select the Invalid Value for the selected field

When user add/edit the Work Item which does not satisfy the mandatory field rule, then add/edit action cannot be completed.

The Message in RED color would be displayed beside the Field in the Work Item Form

Extended Condition: Allows to have the 2 fields dependent on each other


For Defects, Assigned To value should not be Not Assigned in case Defects Status is New. So here,

Work Item – Defect

Field – Status

Invalid Value – New

Extend Condition – checkbox checked

  • Dependent Field – Assigned To
  • Equal to Value – Not Assigned
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