System Configuration

System Settings


The System Settings enable the user to configure the settings of the Orcanos application.

  • Select the System Settings from Admin under System Configuration.
  • It comprises of the following sections:

Idle Time

Idle Time – If the user logs into the system and does not perform any action for a specific amount of time the system logs the user out. To set the time, select the time (in minutes) from the Idle Time dropdown list.

Disconnection Timer for Lockdown Server

Not in use


  • Disabled Major.Minor in New Defect – Selecting this checkbox prevents the users from entering the first two numbers, i.e., Major version and Minor version when recording a new defect.
  • Use Cache – Selecting the checkbox will enable the cache for records entered/updated in the application. User can view its changes and history in Cache Data under Maintenance.
  • Max Item Name Length – The maximum characters that can be used to name the work item.
  • Max Defect Synopsis Length – The maximum characters that can be used to define the synopsis of the defect.
  • Force Checkout for edit – The user must checkout items in order to edit. Note that item is locked for editing by other users, so user also must check-in the item after edit
  • Notify me on failed login attempts – A daily email is sent at midnight with the list of all failed login attempts. Email is sent to the Account Admin user. Make sure the user settings are configured correctly.

Check the Account Admin user on Account Details Page

User Password Settings

  • Password Aging(Days) – This feature forces the user to change passwords frequently.
  • Users can save Password – By Selecting this checkbox enables the users to save their passwords.

Images Hyperlink

User External IP For Images – Selecting this checkbox enables other fields (External IP and External Port For View) in this section. The External IP and Ports replaces the HTML link of the image to make it available from outside. For cloud application, it must be


Customer Language – Not in use


Use these settings if you wish to work on secure mode. Your server must have a domain and SSL certificate

you need to fill domain name

DMS Settings

  • Convert approved documents to PDF – Enabling the indication Convert your approved Word files to PDF on the approved event.
  • Date Formats – Select the date format to appear on the cover page

Test Management Settings

Enable Upper/lower limit Management – If selected, you will be able to set the upper limit and lower limit (numeric) in add/edit test steps, and the user can fill “Measure” value when executing the test.

Authentication Method

Use Orcanos, Office 365 or SAML for single sign-on (SSO). In order to use SAML, it is required to contact Orcanos support

Self Registration

Allows to define the default Group and License type for the users who get registered

PDF Publish 

PDF Watermark Location allows the user to set the watermark in the PDF Published Documents at Top Left, Top Middle, Top Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Middle, Bottom Right positions.

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