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Online Document Generator (Export to Word document)


Orcanos Online Document Generator provides the easiest way to get your process documentation done fast while making it look professional.

If you want your document to be aligned with your company details, logo, and other settings, then you can just customize the templates and settings as per your requirements.

With custom templates, effective training, and dedicated support, writing a document manually, keep every document file on local systems is no longer a pain.


  • Select document in Product Tree
  • Right-click and select “Export To Word Document” Option
  • On the Document configuration screen, You can see the following details:

Click on Generate Button, Displays the progress bar on the top right side. It shows the download progress of the document. 100.00% signifies that document generated successfully


  • Docgen Configuration: Select docgen configuration from the drop-down list or save the existing configuration with the required modifications by click on the Save button and Create a new configuration by click on Save As button.
  • Word Template (.dotx)Select Word template, or upload your template. To upload a new template, download the existing template and then make necessary changes in the template, save and upload it.

User can now acess the Online Document Generator Log from Orcanos Log File. Every Online Docgen adds comment in the Orcanos Log File along with Log hyperlink


  • Item – Select the document (or any other node) to generate
  • Revision – Select a previously created tag, the default is Head (Current)
  • Work Items – Select work items type to print
  • Print Levels – Select the tree heading level (1-8)


  • Override Item Description Font – Select a font to override existing paragraph’s font
    • Font: Allow setting Item Description Font Family
    • Font Size: Allows setting Item Description minimum font size of 5px
  • Space between Paragraphs – Space between each printed work item like 1,2,3,4,5,6,12,18,24 etc.
  • Orientation – Portrait/Landscape
  • Section direction – RTL/LTR, default is LTR
  • Allow Row to Break Across Pages – Insert page breaks in the generated file


  • Dynamic Table Header Font – Allow setting Table header Font Family
  • Dynamic Table Header Font SizeAllow user to set the minimum font size of 5px of the dynamic table header
  • Dynamic Table Font – Allow setting Table content Font Family
  • Dynamic Table Font Size – Allow user to set the minimum font size of 5px of the dynamic table content


  • Print Item Key On Header – Print Item key on the printed item heading (name)
  • Don’t Print Paragraph Key – Does not Print key for Paragraphs when checked
  • Include Original ID in case of the branch – Display original id of branched work item when checked
  • Include attachments – Print Work Item attachments
  • Show Download Attachment button in the Generated Document – Print download button for Attachments/URL.


  • Include Table of content – Add TOC at the beginning
  • TOC level – Set level of TOC


  • Include Test Case Results – Print Steps of the Test Cases
  • Include Test Run Columns
    • Last Run Status – Print last run status in the test result
    • Last Run By – Print name of the person who last executed the test
    • Last Run Version – Print version in which test case was last executed
    • Last Run Date – Print date on which the last run has done
  • Execution Set – Print test case details for the selected execution set or execution set group
  • Include run parameters – Print run parameter info for last execution run or for the runs done in selected execution set or execution set group
  • Make run values empty – Does not print data in the Step settings column of Steps Result although it has data recorded.
  • Add An Empty Line After Steps Table: Allow to add an empty line after the test steps table, to increase readability in the generated document
  • Include Test Steps – Print steps mentioned in the test case
  • Steps settings:
    • Include Steps: Allows the user to select only Test Steps. It displays the following fields:
      • ID – Print Step ID. Read-only
      • Description – Print Steps Description. Read-only
      • Expected Results – Print Executed Result. Read-only
      • Lower Limit – Print lower limit as mentioned in steps, enabled from Admin > System Configuration > System Settings
      • Upper Limit – Print upper limit as mentioned in steps.
    • Include Steps Results: This allows the user to select to include Test Steps Results. It displays the following fields along with the above fields:
      • ID – Print Step ID. Read-only
      • Description – Print Steps Description. Read-only
      • Expected Results – Print Executed Result. Read-only
      • Lower Limit – Print Lower Limit
      • Upper Limit – Print Upper Limit
      • Actual Results – Print Actual Result
      • Defect ID – Print Defect ID of the related Test step (Available in and above)
      • Last Run Status – Print Execution Run status
      • Last Run By – Print name of the person who executed the test
      • Last Run Version – Print Run version
      • Last Run Date – Print Run date

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