Audit Management

Get better prepared for your next audit or inspection.

About Orcanos Audit Management

Orcanos Audit Management allows for preparing and managing audits electronically. Conducting periodic audits based on your industry is crucial in order to comply with regulations and to ensure product safety and quality.
Orcanos system supports audit checklists to outline the audit topics, and links to audit findings based on the results.
The Orcanos Electronic Audit Management offers a secure and centralized web-based platform with smart dashboards, automation of workflows, and e-signature along with tractability to other quality processes, such as Nonconformance, FMEA, Training, Verification, Complaints, and CAPA.
Use Orcanos alert engine to assure no audit finding is overlooked. Use Orcanos Regulations Compliance engine in order to automate your audit in one click, before the audit occurs.

Compliance Audit

Use Orcanos robust virtual auditor to proactively identify issues in your system before they become problems.
A virtual auditor that scans your database in real-time and provides metrics about compliance KPIs.

Take your regulatory compliance to the next level with Orcanos. Book a demo today and experience the power of our integrated solutions firsthand!

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