Traceability Matrix

Simple and powerful traceability matrix management between any ALM or QMS artifact

Diagram of circles and arrows showing the traceability between CAPA to other quality processes.

Powerful Traceability Features

The Orcanos Traceability Matrix Tool seamlessly integrates with the Requirements Management Tool. It simplifies traceability management across all ALM and QMS artifacts. The tool is user-friendly, empowering end-users and stakeholders to effectively handle quality processes such as requirements, test cases, FMEA risk items, customer complaints, CAPA compliance, and more.

Key benefits of the Traceability Matrix Tool include:

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Easy Generation of traceability matrix
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Traceability matrix detailed reports
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Alerts issued on Impact analysis and product inconsistency
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Navigation between traced items is simple and easy

Traceability for Collaboration and Impact Analysis

The Orcanos Traceability Tool fosters collaborative work within a centralized repository, streamlining workflow processes.
It empowers end-users and stakeholders from different departments to collaborate on multiple artifacts or documents seamlessly.
Effectively track product lifecycle progress and conduct impact analysis for defined changes.

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Multi-Level Traceability Matrix

Gain a comprehensive project overview with our Traceability Tool.

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Generate multi-level traceability report that highlights the project's status and associated risks.
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Track approved risk items from mitigation to verification using the Orcanos traceability matrix report.
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The report will showcase relevant risks, linked mitigations, related test cases for verification, and their results (Pass or Fail)
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Make informed decisions and take appropriate actions based on your project's progress.

Traceability between any ALM and QMS artifact- Lets discuss some more.

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Test Verification and Traceability

Linking test cases to requirements for verification is a crucial aspect of the product lifecycle, and the Orcanos tool facilitates this.
Stakeholders can establish traceability links for verification or validation and monitor requirements associated with failed test cases and by doing so ensure smooth progress of the product lifecycle.

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