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Streamline Your Employee Training with Orcanos Training Management.

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The solution

In the medical device industry, compliance with regulations and maintenance of high quality standards are of utmost importance. However, managing and tracking employee training can be a complex and time-consuming process. Our training management system is specifically designed to address these challenges, providing a comprehensive solution to streamline and optimize training processes.

Orcanos Document Control

Orcanos Document Control allows you to manage documents seamlessly from creation to revision control, approval, sign-off, distribution, training automation, and storage. The platform is robust and flexible, capable of managing all types of documents, including SOPs, work instructions, policies, DHF, and more.

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Explore the Key Features of Orcanos Training Management

Orcanos Training Management is a powerful tool that enables medical device companies to manage, track, and report on employee training in a centralized and efficient manner. With our system, employees can easily track their training tasks and get notified when a new document is released, requiring their read and understand, while managers can monitor progress and ensure compliance.

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Customization of training tasks
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Supporting templates
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Full traceability between training tasks and other items
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Managed access control

Training Matrix, Read and understand training tasks

One of the key features of the Orcanos Training Management System is the ability to easily build a training matrix that links specific documents with the relevant stakeholders that need to be notified when a new revision is released. This means that when a new version of a document is published, the system automatically assigns Read & Understand training tasks to the appropriate stakeholders based on the predefined matrix.This process is fully automated, meaning that the system will automatically assign Read & Understand tasks to the relevant stakeholders based on the predefined matrix. This saves managers time and reduces the risk of human error.

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