Defect Tracking

Improve product quality and reduce risk with Orcanos adaptive defect tracking tool.

Integrated Defect Tracking

Orcanos Bug tracking system is designed to help your company’s quality assurance by giving all of the participants in the development lifecycle a professional Defect tracking application and Defect reporting tools. Fast, cost-effective, and manageable, It will help you organize defects better while natively integrating into Orcanos ALM modules, such as Requirements Management, and Test Management

Top features

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Report defects while running tests in real-time
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Instant messaging for bug discussion management
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Create unlimited queries and alerts

Report defect during test run

Enable testers to conduct manual and automated tests and effortlessly report discovered defects.
Defects are automatically linked to the corresponding test step and documented in the run history, including crucial information like test run version, expected and actual results, date, and executed steps.
The tool automatically assigns a predefined status and assigns the defect to the respective developer.

Bug Tracking and monitoring

Orcanos ALM's defect tracking tool streamlines monitoring with intuitive views and comprehensive reports. Easily track bug progress and stay updated with incident logs, coverage views, and graphs.

Enhance Your Defect Management Experience with Orcanos. Join Us to Discover More.

Orcanos ALM is integrative

Comprehensive reports and graphs for enhanced test plan control and governance.

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Track test run results using various dashboard options, including matrix tables and charts
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Generate summary reports for projects and features, predefined test parameter-based reports, traceability reports, and more
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Test Parameters: Build predefined configurations with parameters that can be used while running tests
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Track Missing Traceability, like requirements without test cases
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Defect Tracking: Manage Defect verification process in a single system

Linking Defects to Orcanos Customer Service Center

Linking defects to customer service is essential for providing excellent customer service. Orcanos Service Center records and analyzes every customer incident. When a bug needs to be reported, it is linked to the customer service call, and once resolved, the support team is promptly notified.

Complete ALM Solution

Orcanos Bug Tracker supports the entire defect life cycle – from detection to resolution. This ensures that no defect is overlooked or closed before it has been addressed.

Baseline Management

Orcanos bug tracking system has the capacity to manage each of the product versions as well as its historical revisions

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