Complaints Management

Full Complaints Handling system, configure your workflow, leading you from investigation to resolution.

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Integrated Complaints Handling

Streamline complaint management and meet ISO 13485 requirements with Orcanos' integrated Complaint Management System.
Our solution ensures efficient handling of medical device complaints within our eQMS, leaving no complaint unnoticed.
Simplify information flow, enhance traceability, and effectively manage all related artifacts.

Customized Dashboards

Customize dashboards, filters, and alerts
Track customers' complaints using custom filters, and many other professional dashboard panels.
Assure no complaint is overlooked and use traceability to track impact analysis

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Integrated Complaints Repository

Orcanos Complaints Handling Software is integrated into the Design Control and Quality Management system. Its the place where you can manage customers complaints, from recording to investigation and resolution

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Fully Customized to match organization needs
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Alerts: Define alerts for complaints that are overdue
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Link and trace complaints with items such as CAPA, Risks and more

Elevate Your Complaint Management:
Experience Fully Customized Solutions with Traceability and Alerts. Click Below to Learn More.

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