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Streamline your medical device testing process with our powerful Test Management Tool - Ensure Compliance, Traceability and Product Safety.

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Orcanos Test Management Tool Featuring

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Integration: Integrate to Orcanos ALM central repository
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Simple: Easily plan, organize, and execute test cases
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Continuity: Report bugs from a test run
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Tracking: Powerful dashboards to track test run status
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Traceability: Link test cases to requirements
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Generate documents: Test reports ready for submission
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Automation: Easy integration into any test automation tool

Test Execution

Efficiently manage test cases with Orcanos. Plan, execute, and record results while tracking progress using an intuitive dashboard.

Report defects directly from test runs with an integrated bug tracking tool.

When reporting a defect, all relevant test case information, including steps, is automatically imported into the new bug.

Mark tests as Pass, Fail, or Blocker easily.

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Traceability and Requirements Coverage

The Orcanos testing system is tightly integrated into ALM modules, such as requirements management and FMEA risk management. this integration ensures full traceability of all ALM artifacts in a single repository.

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Set link type to coverage, verification, validation, and more.
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Create custom filters and alerts to notify stakeholders about requirements that have no test traced to them or for requirements linked to failed test cases.

Medical Device Testing Process Simple. Traceable, Simple, Automated, Call us for more.

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Additional Features

Risk Control

Integrate Design Control (ALM) with Quality Management System and regulation to establish a centralized repository.

Risk Verfication

test cases can be tracked and traced to ensure that the level of risk has been properly assessed and verified, with these results saved for potential verification evidence.

Easy customization

Save 30% of the resources spent on manual management and integrate risk into your development, and your QMS processes, assuring full traceability.

Test Parameters

Use test parameters to build predefined configurations, and use them while executing the test.

Test Tracking and Reports

Comprehensive reports and graphs for enhanced test plan control and governance.

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Track test run results using various dashboard options, including matrix tables and charts.
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Generate summary reports for projects and features, predefined test parameter-based reports, traceability reports, and more.
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Test Parameters: Build predefined configurations with parameters that can be used while running tests.
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Track Missing Traceability, like requirements without test cases.
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Defect Tracking: Manage Defect verification process in a single system.

Word Document Generation with One Click

A perfect match for medical device manufacturers who are looking for a way to cut hours and resources for preparing documents for submission.

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Generate test design and test result documents, using custom styling and built-in templates.
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Export documents to HTML, and MS-Word in just one click.
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