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Customer Stories


"Very good value for money, very helpful with preparations for audits" GTR

Tsvika - System and Software QA Manager Medical Devices

I mainly used it for RISK management, and for PRD SRS and HRS documents requirements, including traceability to RISK. I also used it for Customer Complaints handling


"Using ORCANOS for Medical Devices"

Gerd E - Lead System Architect

One database, one tool and user interface for requirement-, risk-, test-, CAPA-management etc. Item based!!! with the possibility to generate documents on each level. No need to manage interfaces , relatively fast to configure for own needs, without writing and validation of user-ware. 100% cloud based and platform independent.


The simple and easy way of controlling documentation. Time saving and ease when undergoing audits by Notified Bodies. Traceability when it comes to CAPA and ECO's.

"My major tool for conformity."

Stephen - QA Manager

"I love the flexibility of Orcanos!"

Stuart H

I love the flexibility of Orcanos! It feels like the system is almost 100% configurable, so whenever I think 'it would be nice to do this' then I can always do it within the system. The traceability function is awesome too, it means that we can link our items together so that we can get an overview of the project from top to bottom.


"Orcanos gives use Excellent solution"

Linor V - Document Controller

Flexibility, Fit our needs, Fest answer and


Azhar Raza


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Thomas Langhagel

Engineer for Technical Documentation and Team Leader Software Development Medset, Germany
With Orcanos, we came on board very quickly thanks to the simple and intuitive operation, and were able to easily adapt our workflows and documents. With increasing regulatory effort, traceability is very important to us. Orcanos is the right tool to work effectively, and a very good alternative to outdated procedures.

Sabine Stegmaier

Engineer for Technical Documentation and Development Zimmer MedizinSysteme GmbH, Germany
Orcanos is tailored to the medical device industry. The ability of linking test results is a big advantage, and traceability is key to a successful audit. The built in templates correspond to the FDA guidance and are a huge time saver. The option to print documents is crucial for us, and helps us in our transition to a digital signature.

Oren Tamari

CEO at Argo Medical
Orcanos Medical™, an ALM 2.0 tool for the Medical Device plays a major role for every regulated organization..

Eli Zehavi

Co-Founder and COO Mazor Robotics
After working with Orcanos on optimizing our development process, we often get them involved strategically when we are about to start a new project...

Ofer Levy

Senior Manager at QSite
ORCANOS | MEDICAL is helping us achieve the higher quality we aspire to reach and load of our

Igor Stankovski

P.Eng. Technical Program Manager Fio
The Orcanos medical ALM solution provides us with a platform to easily deal with complexities entailed in capturing