Defect Tracking

Track Validation, Verification and Quality Assurance Defects

With Orcanos ALM Bug Tracking Tool you can easily submit, query, update, and report defects, where every single defect can be traced to a specific requirement or test case, thus guaranteeing better traceability.

Orcanos’ Bug tracking system is designed to help your company’s quality assurance by giving all of the participants in the development lifecycle a professional Defect tracking application and Defect reporting tools.

Fast, cost-effective, and manageable, Orcanos Defect tracking software will help you organize your projects defects better while natively integrating to Orcanos ALM modules, such as Requirements Management, and Test Management

Bug Tracking Main Features

  • Fully SaaS
  • Integrated to Orcanos ALM Software Suite
  • Embedded instant messaging for bug discussion management
  • Create unlimited queries and alerts
  • Report defect from test run

Report defect during test run

Orcanos ALM Bug Management allows testers to run manual and automatic tests and easily report defects found during test execution. The defects are automatically traced to the executed test step while recording the run history such as test run version, expected and actual results, date, and executed steps. Defect gets an automatic status based on the predefined status flow and is assigned to a specific developer.

To verify bug reported from test execution, you just need to open the bug verification panel in the defect form and re-run the related test. It’s that simple, and it saves a tremendous amount of time.

Bug Tracking and monitoring

With Orcanos ALM list views and dashboards, project defect tracking is easy. Orcanos Defect tracking tool, includes detailed reports and graphs of incidents, coverage view, and graph generators, allowing programmers and managers the ability to monitor bug tracking progressively, at any point in time.

Orcanos ALM is integrative.

That is precisely what makes it possible for managers to be constantly on point regarding bug tracking. Orcanos bug tracking software gives your product managers, QA department and the development teams professional tools, integrates with third party tools, and best of all – it is simple to use and easy to maintain.

Link to Orcanos Customer Service Center

Linking defects to a customer service enable better customer service. Every customer incident is recorded in Orcanos service center and analyzed there. If a bug needs to be reported, it is linked to the customer service call, and when a bug is resolved, the support team is notified immediately.

Bug Tracking Features & Benefits

Orcanos Bug Tracker supports the entire defect life cycle – from detection to resolution. This ensures that no defect is overlooked or closed before it has been addressed.

Orcanos bug tracker makes it easy to manage defects found during testing, or those reported by other stakeholders and customers.

Orcanos bug tracking system has the capacity to manage each of the product versions as well as its historical revisions

Best of all, using Orcanos admin, you can easily modify Defect form and layout to specifically meet your bug tracking needs. Orcanos has a flexible custom field’s module so it can be defined by the organization’s rules.

The flexible work items module allows you to build custom filters, and save them for later use.

Simply put, Orcanos ALM Software is an integrated solution for the whole development lifecycle and Quality Control, eliminating the need to purchase and integrate set of tools that do not communicate properly.

That’s why Orcanos ALM is faster and requires much less maintenance than other programs. Furthermore, we offer special solutions for Medical Device development processes including support to the FDA regulations.

QPack’s defect tracking tool not only provides the most efficient bug manager available, our product requirement tool will help you manage your development process, improve communication, shorten your time to market, and inevitably save your company time and money.

So when you want comprehensive project bug tracking and management, think Orcanos.