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Automate your compliance processes and reduce the bottlenecks on document routing and sign-off. Fire training tasks and use Orcanos Change Control to release new revisions.

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Eliminate paper with Orcanos DMS

Orcanos Document Control Software simplifies the document management process, providing easy access and control over your documents.
Orcanos DMS allows you to manage documents seamlessly from creation to revision control, approval, sign-off, distribution, training automation, and storage. The platform is robust and flexible, capable of managing all types of documents, including SOPs, work instructions, policies, DHF, and more.

What makes Orcanos stand out?

Release documents with ECO (Change Control)

Use Orcanos change control to manage changes, and automate multiple documents release in a single batch.

Training Automation

Automate self-reading of each released revision and create a training task for each stakeholder.

Dynamic Workflows

Use Orcanos Electronic Signature module to build and customize workflow automation and routing of documents or any type of document and electronic form

21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

Orcanos supports electronic records and electronic signatures in compliance with 21 CFR Part 11.

PDF Publishing

Approved documents are automatically published to PDF and stored for unlimited time in a secured vault. Orcanos DMS generates a cover page for each published PDF and applies a watermark to each page. This assures that stakeholders will not work on outdated documents. When a new revision is released, Orcanos sets the previous version to Obsolete. A new watermark is added to the latest version, which enables end users to both keep track of the current document and ensure that obsolete versions are not printed, or used.

Table of DMS documents
Screenshots of the import document process

Quick Import from Your Existing System

Companies can import their entire file system into a central repository with just a few clicks.Quality-related documents that have been stored on spreadsheets may run into the hundreds, but the system is built to handle the heavy lifting. Once the documents are imported, end users can start working on these resources immediately.

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Integrating QMS with Design Control

All company stakeholders, including Research and Development, Quality Assurance, and management, should have easy access to effective Document Control..Our system integrates Design Control and Quality Management System into a single repository, providing end users with digital access to approved and current documents, CAPA, Change Control, Risk Management, Requirements Management, and host other factors that impact the development and QA lifecycle, resulting in a one-stop-shop for all required elements.

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Graphic of the document control process from Draft to Signed a document

Fully Automated Revision Control

Orcanos takes care of everything related to revision control
On each approval of a document, the following actions are fully automated:

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New revision is set
Blue check sign in a circle
Status is set to approve, and effective date is updated
Blue check sign in a circle
Cover page is generated as part of the PDF publish
Blue check sign in a circle
Previous version becomes obsolete
Blue check sign in a circle
Training tasks are fired

Custom Dashboards

Dashboards have become the standard method for accessing and managing digital information needed to execute and analyze projects efficiently and effectively. Orcanos Document Control Analytics Engine provides the ability for companies and users to create multiple dashboards and panels within the system, increasing transparency at every stage of the product lifecycle.

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