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July 24, 2023

Release 5.2.1 (build 38)

What’s New

  • Ask Paul – our new AI assistant is now in Beta!
    It is incredibly easy to Ask Paul for suggestions and to have him create new traced items of any kind.
    To join the Ask Paul Beta, please contact
  • Dashboards improvements:
    The dashboard panels load gradually, starting with the ones in view. When scrolling, the remaining panels will load.
    Clicking on an element within a panel, the data grid will open in a new tab instead of a new browser window.
    The traceability report in the dashboard shows the first 500 results and allows you to export the entire report in Excel or HTML format.
  • Show/Hide Data button to display Embedded Filters data in the item description.
  • A new and clear indication that an approved item (signed item with Routing State = Approved) displays static data.
  • A new option to display static data in the item description when an item is Approved (Routing State) and Frozen.
  • Updated the Login page layout with a more explicit “Login with Single Sign On” button.
  • We have improved the Filters feature, and now it remembers the last filter used for each work item in a project. This will save time and make it easier to find the desired filter without navigating multiple options.
  • The layout of cover letters has been improved, making them lighter and easier to read.
  • We have enhanced the authentication process for our REST API to support an API key. This new API key uses the API.User permissions for all actions.
  • New Admin option to display a complete list of approvals on the cover letter.
  • New Admin option to display timestamps alongside the date on cover letters.
  • Service Center – Improved Invite User flow.
  • New design of the application error page.
  • We have made several improvements to our application’s security to ensure compliance with industry standards and enhance overall security.


  • Public Dashboards now show a clear and consistent public indication icon.
  • The Unsaved Changes popup will also be displayed when moving away from a single field during editing.
  • Prevent users from changing system Work Items icons – There is now a set of system Work Items that the Admin can not change their icon in the Work Items table.
  • Automatic retry process to generate PDFs and sync files to G-Drive in case of failure.

Additionally, many more bug fixes have been implemented.

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