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September 13, 2023

Release 5.2.1 (build 50)

What’s New

  • Ask Paul - Beta Improvements
  • Cross-project support - Ability to select the target project for Create and Trace items.
  • Simplify the prompt Display Name.
  • Add Key and Prompt Type columns to the admin table.
  • Text suggestion field to support simple formatting.
  • Larger suggestion window.
  • New User complete registration process now supports completing registration with SSO.
  • The dynamic filter max limit is now 100 results by default.
  • Option for the Hide/Show Data button to remember its last state.
  • New REST APIs to handle system tables.


  • Make "Default Group" in "Service Center User Defaults" optional.
  • Improve the Start Routing tags creation process.
  • Improve cookies handling per account.
  • Many more bug fixes.
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