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October 27, 2023

Release 5.2.2 (build 9)

What’s New

  • Control section editability based on the work item status. 
    Gain more control over the work item process.
  • AI - Ask Paul Improvements:

            AI Permission Management  - Set AI permissions for a group per project and per work item type.

            Retry button in case the AI engine fails to generate results.

  • Compare tags dialog improvement - The “Current” tag is now, by default, on the End Tag field to make a more logical order of the tag comparison.


  • Unsaved Changes popup to be more straightforward.
  • The 3rd digit in a version field was not disabled in the case of three-digit versioning.
  • Defects branched to an older version when linked to a test run.
  • Multiple-level signer was not getting email after the first-level signer signed the document.
  • Error page in case of Idle timeout on SSO Login.
  • Many more bug fixes.

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