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January 19, 2024

Release 5.2.3 (build 16)

What’s New

  • New method to embed field data into documents generated PDFs.
    Embed a dynamic fields data into a DMS item for the generated PDF using the following syntax [*Item.Field Name*].
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  • Display the routing distribution list in the E-Sign tab.
Distribution List in ESign Tab
  • ‘Next Signer’ alert type for sending notifications.
  • Update the columns in the ‘Last Assigned’ notification email.
  • Improve the UI of the Launch Training Screen.
Launch User Training
Launch User Training
  • New option to activate pending user by an administrator.
Activate Pending User


  • Show PDF Preview only for the latest Draft revision.
  • Fix Section Control logic in case of mandatory fields.
  • API “Get_Execution_Run_Details_XML” to return also the original ID.
  • Many bug fixes.
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