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April 22, 2024

Release 5.2.4 (build 16)

  • Save test step results on every step run.
  • Improve Locate on Tree and View Item to be in the current solution context.
  • Admin: Clone Work Item with all relevant data. Read more
  • Improve the display of the Description HTML.
  • Improve Dynamic filter column width with auto-fit.
  • CSV Import Improvements (errors display and fixes).
  • Allow Copy Test Steps from frozen items.
  • Enable/Disable the display of the version on Tree View. Read more
  • Remove dynamic tooltips from Tree View and the grids.
  • Create Training tasks asynchronously.
  • API: Make Record_Execution_Results_New record results for more than one test at a time
  • API: Add parameter "SkipIfNameExists" to check for existing items with the same name under a parent.
  • API: Error log to include the full JSON of a failed API call.
  • Many bug fixes.
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