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November 4, 2022

Release 5.2 (build 59)

What’s New

New Look and feel

Complete new look & feel with a modern, up-to-date look and the new Orcanos branding.

Usability enhancements

With more than 20 enhancements, simplifying and accelerating your daily work.
Such as:

  • Searching for an item ID will open the item directly.
  • Added an option to preview the PDF of a draft document.
  • Improved create new users with Invite User email and Complete Registration page.
  • Streamlining template usage with Add Item.

Improved Performance

We have improved the application’s performance on several levels making it faster and smoother.
Login into the application, getting filter results, and viewing an item are faster than ever.


More than 300 bug fixes!

Retired Features

  • In-application chat, including the chat indication on the top bar.
  • Filter Pagination – As filter performance was improved, the option to display 5 or 10 items was removed. Pagination starts from 20 items.
  • User settings: The density and theme options were removed.

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