Requirements Management Tool

Streamline product development processes, reduce errors, and improve compliance with industry regulations.
Designed to fit medical device companies.

Requirements Management Software for Medical Devices

Streamline requirements tracking with a versatile tool that offers everything you need for seamless design input and design output management.

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Central requirements repository
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Electronic signature
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Import/export to MS Word/Excel/CSV
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Multi-requirements types supported
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Requirements Validation & verification using the Orcanos Test management tool
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Full Audit trail and history log
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Baseline management for design control

End-to-End Traceability

Achieve comprehensive tracking across all ALM artifacts with a robust built-in traceability tool. Traceability spans from requirements to test cases and their outcomes. The tool also extends into quality management, encompassing FMEA for Risks, CAPA, and customer complaints.

Online Document Review For Better Collaboration

Document collaboration allows multiple users can access the same document together while preserving document integrity and data security.

- Baseline Management
There is a major challenge of tracking baselines, versions, and changes between versions. Orcanos completely automates the version management and shows in real time what has changed in each version.

MSWord Document Generator

Orcanos DocGen is used to generate documents from Orcanos electronic records repository. Supporting embedded reports, and customized templates.

Baseline Management

Tracking baselines, versions, and changes between versions is a major challenge during a product life cycle. Orcanos completely automates the version management and shows in real time what has changed in each version.

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Additional Features

Snapshots (Tags)

Capture data snapshots at specific moments and easily compare them to identify changes.

Impact Analysis

Flag items as suspicious when their source has changed and promptly notify stakeholders of the alterations.

Freeze Content

The Freeze content option allows avoiding unauthorized changes to your design artifacts.

Baseline Management

Track baselines, versions, and changes while automating version management. Stay updated in real-time with an instant review of changes for each version.

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