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Orcanos Partners with CYTO Consulting to Strengthen U.S. Market Presence

Orcanos - CYTO partnership


Orcanos, a leader in Medical Devices/Pharmaceuticals electronic quality management systems, proudly announces its strategic partnership with CYTO Consulting, a renowned U.S. market access and life sciences consulting firm. This collaboration marks a significant step in Orcanos' expansion into the world's largest research, pharmaceutical, and diagnostics market.

With CYTO's specialized expertise in assisting international life sciences companies, Orcanos is poised to accelerate and de-risk their expansion into the US market. CYTO's team of seasoned professionals offers a unique blend of scientific knowledge and practical business experience. This ensures that Orcanos' innovative solutions for quality systems and design control are effectively tailored and implemented within the U.S. landscape.

This partnership leverages CYTO's extensive experience in subsidiary formation, providing Orcanos with critical support in establishing a robust operational base in America. CYTO's hands-on approach in setting up operations and office spaces aligns seamlessly with Orcanos' strategic objectives.

Moreover, CYTO's scalable and specialized services in the area of product commercialization, are set to bolster Orcanos' market strategies to support the Post Marketing surveillance process. Their commitment to providing domain-specific expertise promises to drive Orcanos' projects to success with precision and efficiency.

Together, Orcanos and CYTO Consulting are dedicated to making groundbreaking strides in the life sciences industry, ensuring commercial success and innovation in the U.S. market.

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About Orcanos:

Orcanos is a company in the software industry that specializes in integrated software solutions for product development, quality management, and regulatory compliance. The company's mission is to provide high-quality software solutions that help their clients streamline their processes and improve their overall productivity. Orcanos has achieved significant success in the industry with its innovative products and exceptional customer service. 

About CYTO Consulting:

CYTO Consulting is focused on helping international life science companies access the US market, open a subsidiary in the US and help with all aspects of product commercialization. The company is headquartered in the greater Boston/Cambridge area with branch offices near Los Angeles, CA and Berlin, Germany.

CYTO Consulting assists their clients in a variety of areas such as market research, business planning - including go-to-market strategy, finding investments, regulatory strategy and submission, and founding a local subsidiary. In contrast to other consulting agencies, CYTO Consulting not only plans but focuses on implementation and execution of a US strategy. As such, CYTO Consulting also offers a wide range of business development/lead generation activities including, email and phone outreach, organization of seminars and trade shows, hiring local staff and finding local office and lab space.

 CYTO Consulting creates a “soft-landing” environment by lowering client’s initial risk and cost. Every member of CYTO Consulting has a strong scientific background enabling them to understand our client's technology and American customer's needs.

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