Release Notes 4.0

Online Document Generator

Ability to generate documents to Word from Orcanos web

Note: STR will be supported in the next release

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Orcanos UI/ UX

Improve mobile support (HTML5)


Many improvements to the user interface, such as canceling the main menu on the left side to allow more space for tree view, and much more.

Orcanos Gantt

Orcanos integrated Gantt Application allows managing online Gantt, with the ability to sync Orcanos work items, such as sprints, execution sets, and tracking progress.

For more information, visit Orcanos ALM Gantt

Test Management

Many improvements in test management:

Add a test case to execution from product tree

Add multiple test cases to the execution set, based on filter

Add test case to execution using filter


New custom field types

Improve the layout of your form by 2 additional fields

  • Checkbox
  • HTML Editor

Dashboard and reports

Add trend and line reports for all work items, create charts based on work item history, such as defect open vs. close, etc.

For more information – click here

Create reports that include all work items: till now, it was possible to create a report for each work item. Now you can easily create reports that include several work item types, for example, All items waiting for my signature

Electronic Signature and part 11 complaince

Dynamic start routing – when the user starts routing, the user can change the flow on the fly! both for DMS items and other electronic records

For more information – click here

Add Quality role (Approver/Reviewer) to the cover letter


Include more detail on email notification when reject/cancel routing process (such as who rejected, item key, and date)


Ability to manage signers info in the work item form, both for electronic records and DMS items (available when item is in routing:

  • Next Assignee List – show list of users that need to sign next
  • Signers list – shows the list of all users that participate in current esign
  • Singers details – for each next signer – indicate whether its a user, group, or alternate signer


Multi e-sign – Ability to e-sign multiple work items at once from Work Items


Add the “Reject reason” to the audit log

Agile Scrum

Add a new tab to sprint and epic – A program list to show all work items from all projects related to the sprint/epic. Allow filter by status, user, assign to, name, key on program list tab


Add multiple new actions that reduce the time invested in managing admin projects, users and groups, and more.


Multi change of exclude/un-exclude workflow transition – an ability to multi-select groups for exclude/un-exclude from status transition


Add all users in a specific group to a project – You can select group and add all its users to a specific project. Where there is a conflict (user already exists) the user will not be added


Import User groups & projects from another user – Apply groups and projects of one user to another user


Allow excluding group regardless if a group exists in a project


When import/export process flow – E-sign Process Id should is also exported


Replace a user’s groups in all Projects he belongs to with another group


Clone user projects


Import System field values from Excel


Quality Management

Add new work items to better comply with quality processes


Work Item Code Description
Audit AUDIT Management of organization  audits
Training Task TRN_TSK Create task for each training program and assign it to specific user
Supplier SUPLR Manage suppliers
Asset ASSET Manage assets
Non Conformance NCR Manage non-conformities
Deviation DV Manage deviations
Process Checklist CHKLST This checklist is used as part of the audit
Audit Findings AUDFND Manage each audit finding in electronic records for better tracking
Asset Task Tasks related to assets

Other improvements

  • Allow login with email, in addition to user name
  • The user does not have to be part of a document control project, in order to be part of the routing process definition
  • Import images when importing Word documents
  • Double-click on treeview node will expand node
  • Separate external (customer) users from company users

  • Copy items will save traceability to the original item, and will copy the relations of the copied item

  • Allow cancel branch for work item

  • Support formulas in the HTML editor

Release Notes


Ability to export Validation Panel to Excel. 


Electronic Signature, Part 11 Compliance

Preview e-sign information from work item

Change the cover letter column title from Role to Job Title

Agile Scrum

Manage work items numeric priority in the backlog


Online Editor

The user can personalize his view by selecting editor theme

Add format painter option to Editor

Export/ Import

Allow edit import setup details, and change mapped fields

Allow import/update all selected items

Other Improvements

Allow Multi delete of items in Work Items









Convert work item to different type will keep relations


Ability to create dynamic filters for specific project


Default link type in traceability setup


Add option in a filter to remove “Go” hyperlink from dynamic filters when generating the word document

Release Notes

November 2017

Zapier Integration, Jira…

Integration with Jira, Salesforce, Microsoft Visual Studio and 750+ more applications are now available using Orcanos new integration with Zapier, based on new REST web services platform

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Word Integration

It is now possible to import word documents into Orcanos, and parse them into electronic records of headings, requirements, and more

orcanos alm word integration

Agile Scrum

Allow user stories and tasks numeric priority management in Orcanos backlog (pool). You can setup numeric priority to each item, order tasks by priority and take better decisions while managing your sprints

Test Management

  • Ability to link defect to test after it was executed.
  • Ability to link existing defect while executing a test (in current release it is possible only to report new defect)
  • Improve performance in test run history and in execution set run history
  • Allow add attachment to actual results while running tests (same as it is done in work item edit)

Electronic Signature – Next Asignee

  • Add Next Assignee fields:
  • Next Assignee Details – shows the nature of the next assignee (Alternate, Group, User…)
  • Next Assignee List – Shows list of users that suppose to e-sign the document. You can filter by this field, add to dashboard and more.


Electronic Signatures – Tag Management

  • Tag (Freeze) test run data when e-sign/create tag on Execution Set, so test run results can be signed electronically
  • When esign/create tag on an item that contains dynamic data (fields or filters) – the item description that is tagged (freeze) will contain the parsed in information of the item, and not just the filter name

Electronic Signature – Cover Letter

  • Include the electronic record status in the cover letter, in case work item is not DMS (Document Control). Up to now, cover letter showed “Routing State” 
  • Include revision history table in electronic record cover letter, same as in DMS Work item 

Electronic Signature Process Improvements

  • Allow start routing to multiple records
  • Allow e-sign for multiple records

E-sign: Routing Process Indication

  • Default routing status for work item is draft, rather than empty
  • Add Tree view indications for routing process status

Electronic Signature History

Ability to see the work item data and electronic signature records from history (tag)


PDF Publishing

Resolving issues on PDF publish on Word/PDF document approval

Filters And Views

Ability to filter by “Active” status, so the filter will retrieve all items with status in Active mode, rather than add list of statuses while creating filters


Filters Management

Work Item Editor

  • Include special symbols in editor

orcanos software alm - editor

  • System saves a plain text format of description on save (usually used for integrations with ALM systems that do not accept HTML format, such as Jira)
  • Dynamic filter data in item description is not limited to 50 records

Dashboard – All Items Charts

It is now possible to create a chart for all work items, while up to today, each panel was created for a single work item. Note that it is available only for charts, and the available views are views created for all work items and not for specific work item

Trabeability Management

Allow creating default traceability link type for pair of work items, for example, if Test Case and Requirement are selected, default link type can be set to “Test Verification”

Release Notes

September 2017

Regulation Compliance

Powerful new capabilities of Orcanos that simplify the way you can govern and control quality and regulations. This engine will scan your project data in respect for your specific industry regulation.

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UI/UX improvements

Lots of improvements on user experience side…many of were gathered from our loyal customers.

  • Enlarge main screen scroll-bars width
  • Show entire data of Risk fields in view mode without the need to scroll
  • Improve usability in move operation on tree
  • Show a warning message while leaving edit mode without saving
  • Online document usability improvements and bug fixes. 

Test Management

  • Several improvements were done in this area, such as:
  • Add source Execution set name to the reported defect, in case defect reported from a test run.

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 This way you can generate reports that show the breakdown of defects per execution set, thus you can see the effectiveness of your execution sets.

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Recycle bin

Add the ability to search recycle bin, and sort

Electronic Signature

  • Add 2 new fields: Owner and Approver to every form, which are editable by the user and based on the project users. They are usually used for filters and dynamic routing process
  • Allow definition of dynamic routing process on routing process creation – Admin can select dynamic user (Assignee, Creator, Approver, Or Owner), that is filled once item starts routing

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Agile Scrum

Ability to Open sprint from dashboard Burndown report

How to deploy Agile Scrum


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