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Orcanos Release

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Orcanos Release 4.3.0.x Overview

In 4.3 release Orcanos has focused mainly on the followings:

  1. Stability improvements
  2. Document generation
  3. Bug fixes
  4. Integration platform for RallyDev

New Features

Work Items Grid Actions (filters)

Add Traceability Option  – Allows to select single/multiple Items from filter results and add traceability

Reset Suspicious Indication Option – Allows to select single/multiple Items and reset the Suspicious Indication

In Suspicious Information Column, add a Diff Icon – Click on Diff Icon show the Changes Done on the Item that triggered the suspicion

Get Hyperlink Icon to share the View URL – Click on Get Link Icon copies the selected View URL and share it 

Add Diff Icon in the Action Column of Work Item Grid – displays the diff between the current and latest changes made in the Item’s Description

Traceability Tab

Change the Button name from Save to Create and Create & Exit

Control view of links to other views than the selected Project View: 

An item can be traced to other items in other projects than the user is currently login to. So they are not relevant for the view user has login

These links are shown in grey color

Now the user has the ability to hide them

E-Sign Tab

Add the Column “Job Title” in the Signer table


Expand and collapse history rows in one click – The user can expand all history rows to view the changes

Subscribe Users

Remove the Unsubscribe Button – The Subscribed users can be removed by clicking on Cross Icon beside the User’s name

Import Work Items

Data Import with Orcanos ID – External/ Orcanos 

Data import is now supporting import from external systems, and from Orcanos system

External system – user needs to map Orcanos ID to the external system ID, so in the imports Orcanos can track changes made to the imported items and show it to the user before making the import

If the checkbox is not checked, user can actually export items, make changes in Excel and import them again, so Orcanos can track the changes made

Allow to Import Numeric Field Type as Empty (fix) – The Default Value 0 should be displayed in case imported number field type have no value defined in the CSV File


Display the Unique Identifier mapped on the Edit Import Setup – The CSV Column name mapped with External Unique identifier is displayed on the Edit Import Setup



Allow to add DMS Item or Record with varying Revision in multiple ECO Now the DMS Item with Revision A can be added in ECO A and same DMS Item with Revision B can be added in ECO B


Allow different height for panels in dashboard Grid – User can set the Height of Panels with Report Type –  Grid and Traceability Matrix


  • Unused sections are removed from System Settings Page
  • Unused Links are removed from Admin Page
  • Add Dashboard Permission is renamed as “Add Panel Permission”
  • Remove the option “Source As Email Sender” in General Settings of Email Setup

Admin : E-Records Signature

Remove the “DMS Item” from Item Type Section List – The Routing Process for DMS Item activates on Add Revision so there was no impact of E-Record Signature Set for DMS Item.

Admin : Users

On Add new user, the default chat selection will be “allow private and public chat”

Only 2 Chat options for External User – External User is allowed to select only one of the 2 chat options available now

  • Allow public chat only
  • Dn’t allow chat

Admin : Customization

Ability to change location of description section and FMEA section – Allows user to drag and drop any Section in the Item Field Layout. FMEA Section and Description can be moved but cannot be removed from the Item’s Field Layout


Ability to Move the FMEA Fields (Hazard,Harm,Failure Cause,Risk Control) from FMEA Section – User can place the FMEA Fields in section other than defined FMEA Section of Risk


Show the Number of Available Custom Field Note – Depending on Field Type Selected, user will get the message for number of Field types left out of total number of available fields

Admin : FMEA

Ability to show Risk Probability, Severity, Detectability values as Code, Description or Both 

  • On Selecting Code, Numeric code would be displayed for Probability, Severity, Detectability
  • On Selecting Description, Description value would be displayed for Probability, Severity, Detectability
  • On Selecting Both, Numeric Code and Description value would be displayed for Probability, Severity, Detectability

Code Selection

Description Selection

Both Selection

New Special System Fields

Field Name: “Allowed Types”: This Field is applicable to DOCUMENT (DOC) Work Item only. It restricts the work items that can be added under the specific Document (in all levels).


Show Path of the Item at the Bottom of the Page on mouse hover the “Locate in Product Tree” Icon

This is working on Grid Results Page, Search Page, Recent Items Page, Starred Items Page

On Delete Item pop-up, the Default Selection is No

To avoid deleting the item by mistake, by default No is selected now. User has to select Yes in order to Delete the Item.

The Splitter Icon on Work Item Grid is made less sensitive – Allows to drag and drop the mouse easily to adjust column width

The Buttons in Edit Step pop-up is optimized – Previous and Next Icons are replaced with Buttons in Add/Edit Test Step pop-up

Replace the Close Button with Close Icon on Test Run Suite Tab of the Execution Set

Bug Fixes and small improvements

  • In generated Document, Images are overlapping on header
  • Available Fields in Field Layout list only the Custom Field
  • Timeout expired error in QW_Get_Admin_EncryptedPassword
  • Add step using Inline without Upper and lower limit add the Previous step twice
  • Rearrange the Items moved from Pool to View is not working
  • Font style and formatting of text when import document, is not correct
  • In generated document, Tables inner grid lines are missing
  • In generated Document, Heading font size is very big
  • Last Quarter Date operand does not display correct data
  • Next X Days is not giving correct results
  • Importing text data with more than specified limit in update does not show [TRUNC].
  • Branch Defect field in View Mode is not working properly
  • Small images are getting expanded to full width in Online Doc Edit, Export HTML
  • When loading step edit screen, there is a jump” of the expected results section (after screen loads) that annoys users”
  • Process Flow Auto Assign Bug : When auto assign is last assigned and defect work item then process flow goes to last assigned
  • Filter By Last X days is not giving correct results
  • Add After option is displayed for Risk Probability table
  • In Work Item Grid, View Item and then Delete Item , opens the Item Details Page
  • Add From Template Product Tree : Child Item gets default status of parent.
  • System does not reset selection and does not show record when ‘Show only exclude items’ is unchecked on Admin Pages
  • System does not reset selection to first page when ‘Active’ checkbox is selected or not selected on Admin Pages
  • Add from Template does not include all the child Items
  • Filter by ‘Next Month’ and ‘Next Quarter’ is not showing records for Due Date set in January 2020 and the current month is December.
  • ‘Delete’ and ‘Cuts’ options are available for freezed items.
  • Subscribed users not getting mails when Defect is renamed to some other Custom Code
  • New record is added in middle when pagination is enabled on e-DHR Automation Page
  • Bullets not displayed in Step Description and Expected Result on Steps Tab of test case.
  • Test cases which are not run are not listed in Test Run Views
  • Invalid value for execution set is set as
  • Fix of special string handling in Import Work Items
  • Execution Set Name and ID blank in Defect View when defect Linked from Run History
  • Dashboard of Report Type – Grid does not list all items
  • Bullets are not displayed correctly and data is shown twice when it is having multiple rows for Actual Result when Re-run the test case.
  • System shows “Column Name or number of supplied values does not match” error upon connecting user(s) to Project.
  • The last selected work item is not retained on Admin > Projects > Mandatory Fields Tab
  • Rename Docgen Configuration pop-up does not display the selected docgen configuration name
  • Import Status is not working for existing values as present in Process Flow.
  • Sort on ‘Is template Indicator’ gives error
  • Columns alignment is not correct when freeze column
  • The Run Parameters table is not expanded in full page width just like other Orcanos Tables
  • When Importing Groups & Project to a user the default group is not saved
  • Is Template value displayed in Work Items Grid is Incorrect
  • Insert Page Break for Printing in Document Generated is not working
  • Start Trace option not displayed for Freezed Item for which add traceability for Freezed Item is enabled
  • Embed Test Run View does not show any data
  • User not allowed to Convert Solution to Project
  • Auto logout should not happen if user is writing (consider the keyboard event in user activity)
  • In generated document, every table cell taking 1 line extra
  • Generated Document is having extra unwanted Blank Page
  • RPN1 and RPN2 selected chart shows validation message to select on Edit Panel by changing the Project
  • When selecting all items in dashboard panel – DONT SELECT test run and defect
  • Item name with angle brackets is not displayed correctly
  • User is able to delete Item for the Project to which user has no permission
  • Removed Customer User can login and view all service calls of customers and add the service calls
  • Branched Items are not considered in burndown chart
  • Edit Defect Description in Advance version branch the defect on Clicking the SAVE Button
  • Remove Is Admin Checkbox from View mode of Service Center Users
  • Last Discussion value is not displayed completely in the View Mode
  • Burndown chart does not consider pool items
  • 2 lines values imported and added shows HTML tag </br> in Edit Item Details Page
  • Do not allow import of Field Initial and Residual RPN values
  • Control Type, Affected and Applicable Component Risk Values not displayed on Import
  • RPN Field value listed in Grid is incorrect
  • Junk character is displayed when mouse hover on Project Key.
  • Import CSV: ‘Name’ column gets unmapped in Edit Setup.
  • User can view the Items of the Project to which user has no access from Solution
  • Multi Select Field value gets removed on Edit 
  • Level 0 (Low) displays white colour instead of blue.
  • Move to View Defect to lower version gives Error
  • For the field Risk Control(system field), imported value is not showing on add and update.
  • Removes action icons and appends ‘0’ in attachment after performing search and close.
  • Import with Orcanos Key: when 2 Text boxes are in work item and, for 1, it’s having limit, then its showing text in TRANC for both fields.
  • Import Date: System shows timestamp (time) in ‘Comments’ when item is updated.
  • Image is not generated in doc when it is copy and paste from paint in a scenario
  • On Import P1, P2 calculated is incorrect when P Hazard * P Harm is enabled
  • Remove “Move to View” option for the defect work item
  • Import work item: If the combo box field having a Yes/No” options then for the “No” option
  • The Item added from “Add from Template” option should display default status
  • Only dynamic tables (Orcanos tables) should have full width, user table width should not be changed
  • Horizontal Scrollbar missing on Import Page
  • Edit icon is displayed on the defect details page for freeze status.
  • Groups and Projects are not imported on Selecting User > Import groups & projects option
  • Description area gets distorted on adding description having chars at Boundary value for the max char limit set
  • Adding one step with limits in test case item adds 2 steps
  • The migration process fails in case the same CSV fields is used more than once
  • Deleted Users are showing in the Organisation Structure Chart
  • After Branch the defect, Detected By field name is showing a person who branched the item.
  • Search on columns of work item customization Page not working when active work items checkbox is checked
  • Edit Description of Attachment accepts more characters than limit set
  • In work Item Grid, Last test Run Result Field CODE is displayed instead of its description value
  • The Column name with the Changed Case are not considered in Edit Setup Page of Import
  • Move to View gives message “Item ID is already deleted
  • Import Records from CSV gives Page Unresponsive message (Try 100 records per page)
  • Right Click options not visible for the items at the end of Page on OnlineDoc for Edit
  • Service call not displayed under correct customer
  • Add Project Version and solution in brackets on Traceability tab
  • When try to add execution set for Run version field, then its adding 1 other mandatory Field rule with this. same for delete.
  • View with multiple order by giver error on Email Current Page
  • The History Records shows the Blank in case updated value is Blank
  • Updated By Field value is incorrect when test step is updated
  • System does not show proper format for Invalid Value for Priority Field in Mechanic Requirement Work Item.
  • On Login, sometimes user gets the message There is no row at Position 0″”
  • The colour gets blank upon mouse hover on Severity RPN Values.
  • Import Item without Name does not display the Error Message in Error Column
  • Open the Work Item Import Page in a new tab when Import data using the option Import > From CSV

Orcanos Release 4.2.0.x Overview

In this release there were some major changes to support the following:

  1. Improve stability 
  2. UI improvements
  3. Improve performance
  4. Improve security
  5. Discontinue for all plugins that required Desktop installation (DMS Import/Export, Docgen)
  6. Risk Management 
  7. Lots of improvements and bug fixes (not all of them reflected in the release notes)

For older release notes, please click here

New Features


FMEA New Risk Changes

Better ISO 14971 Compliance 


Add option to calculate probability using P-hazard * P-harm = P-total. This capability adds another layer of compliance with ISO 14971.

Allow 4 levels of risk acceptability – add new RPN level in Tabular RPN as LowIso 14971 P hazard * P harm

Online Docgen For Generating Documents

More capabilities generating STD, STR, and more


Add option “Include Original ID in case of branch” to print original id in generated document. This is done in order to keep track of previous documents and better compare using the original ID that doesn’t change

Orcanos design control work item original id

Online Docgen Test Management – It now includes the Execution Results for the Test cases under the selected Node, and more options of test results, styling, etc.

Orcanos docgen for document generator - STD

Dashboard And Reports

Changes that were applied in the Dashboard, were meant to save precious time to users


Public Dashboards

Dashboard owner can now share a dashboard by making it Public (for all or for specific groups). This allows creating one dashboard once and use it multiple times for multiple users, in order to avoid for end user creating his own dashboard. It works the same as the Private/Public filters.

orcanos design control - public dashboard

Allow different size (Small, Medium, Full) for Pre-defined Panels like Recent Items and Recent Filters


Start /Create and Cancel Trace

Allows to create Trace by Right-click the Item in the Product Tree

Changes in Traceability Matrix Report (Dashboard)

  • Include Original ID in the Traceability Matrix tab
  • Last run status in traceability shall take last run status of the Selected Project Version

ECO (Engineering Change Order)

ECO Improvements For Better Change Management


Allow to add DMS Item with Different Revision under more than one ECO, in case DMS items were belong to a signed ECO, they can be added to other ECO’s

orcanos qms iso 13485 - eco

Make the ECO ID in the revision table of DMS Item as hyperlink, so it can be opened directly from the Document Control specific document revision

Document Control 

Adding powerful online capabilities for importing and exporting your repository 


Online Import/Export Documents

The desktop plugin is no longer in use, it is purely online now

orcanos qms - dms - document control - export documents

Download your DMS repository in one click: User can export the entire DMS from Orcanos Document Control to his local drive. Orcanos will download a zip file that contains all files and folders in the selected hierarchy, based on the settings user selected (Source, approved PDF, etc.).

Upload files and folders – Allow upload files and folders to the Document Control system by drag and drop – User can add multiple files and folder by simply drag and drop.

Allow regeneration of the PDF publishing in case of failure

User can regenerate the PDF in case of PDF Publish error using Retry Icon in the Action Column of the Corresponding Revision File

Work Items

Accelerate QMS Capabilities


New Children Tab –Show child items in a new TAB

Add unlimited Work Items from Admin – In order to customize your QMS completely, Orcanos has added a capability for Admin to add new work items from the Orcanos System – Add Icon is available on Admin >Customization> Work Items to add new Work Items (requires special license)

New work item Recall, code RCL added in Work Items List to keep better tracking of recalls and trace them back to your QMS or design control

Suspicious Indication – Don’t apply suspicious if status changes, only for name and description

Include original ID Field in the filter, so in case item is branched, it is possible to see its original ID in the results

Allow to add new work item from template also from Work Item menu and not just from product tree

Work Item Editor

Add new capabilities for the editor – Table and Image resize using drag and drop rather than open a popup screen

Add Image button to RICH TEXT tool bar

Work Item Grid – Improvements in Back Button – It retains the grid stage before clicking the View icon (performance considerations)

On Clicking Back, the View is not refreshed to display all data but it displays the previous selected View grid results

History tab – Only Top 50 should are listed by default (performance considerations). Rest would be retrieved on clicking “More” Hyperlink

Traceability tab – The new Column “Locked Indication” is added. It would display the Project’s version current status

Import Work Items

Name in Import Setup is not mandatory now

Import pagination allows to list 1000 records per page now

Import CSV File with Numeric Field Blank – Handle the blank numeric data in the Excel by giving default value as 0


Change the advanced search to search complete word instead of a partial word, in order to make search faster


e-DHR allows for lot Management –  Allow managing lot’s released numbers. So upon signoff of an EDHR item with lot# based on X quantity of items, that action will release X instances of that same serial number

Performance, Stability, Security

Major changes were made in Orcanos infrastructure to improve performance, stability and security

  1. The method of work with web services is more secure and robust, working with Tokens
  2. The amount of calls to the server for each request was reduced tremendously
  3. The filters architecture was changed to allow queries to run faster

Customer Support

Online Chat – Add chat link on the login Page, so user doesn’t have to login in order to contact support.


Add Search bar – Search is provided in users tab of the Project 

Increase the Word limit  – Make Custom field Rich Text Editor nvarchar(max)

Show Active Work Items Checkbox – Add the checkbox to list only the active Work Items


Sign and Reject selection list box are replaced with Approved and Reject Buttons

Service Center

Users Tab – The Users tab is listed now for Sites also

Performance improvement on retrieving list of customers in Service Center module

Bug Fixes

  • Show only exclude Items checkbox is not working for the Tabs 
  • Cover letter is not proper in case the Revision description is long 
  • User is able to update the Item Description of the locked version item without branch 
  • Multiple feature selection is not displayed correctly in Dashboard Panel
  • First Name and Last Name accepts all special characters
  • Remove the Column “Dependent Fields” from Custom Fields Page
  • Multi select values are not listed properly
  • On changing Project on Sharing Fields Page, the Work Item gets reset to first work item listed
  • Change Traceability for Freeze Item checkbox option is missing from Business Requirement in Admin> group> work item permissions
  • Sharing Fields Page is not refreshed on checking all 3 checkboxes for Show only exclude items
  • For some table with a blank table row in HTML is giving an error and stopping the document generation 
  • Remove Convert Item option when Project/Solution Node selected in Product tree
  • Service call not displayed under correct customer 
  • Edit/Move/Delete Test steps of DEFECT after Branch are recorded in lower version in which defect was created
  • The Last saved number of records not listed on Process flow and mandatory Field Tab of the Project
  • Cover letters are not getting Exported using Export Tree
  • User is not able to add defect if default status having special characters
  • Work flow doesn’t function – after W/F import users are able to move to any status even if excluded in permission group
  • Field names with Apostrophe are displayed blank in the Dashboard Panel
  • Edit Defect Field value in Edit View include change in Description in History
  • Panel with Customer name field value having apostrophe does not display any data
  • Edit Import Setup with Hebrew File gives warning message and does not allow to Edit Import setup
  • User is not able to re assign the test case in the execution set
  • Click on Branched Id from Work Item Grid gives error
  • The “Show Discussion” in the Email template is not listed in the Email Received
  • Object Reference Error message in the Panel in case selected Project is marked Inactive
  • Email current Page does not display the correct field value for the Rich Text editor field
  • work Item Import: Hebrew Data in Excel is displayed as ? mark on import
  • There is no row at Position 0 when import work item at Parent id which does not exist in the system
  • Customer Overview Page details are not listed
  • Copy – Paste the test step shows the advance version in History
  • Remove Test Run and Defect from Work item Selection list from Manage ECO Items pop-up
  • No Log recorded for Status value update in the System table
  • The heading in the generated document does not match the heading font size defined in the template
  • Do not allow to convert the Signed WorkItems
  • Item opened in a new tab from Solution does not list solution items
  • When using xml for record execution in web service ‘Record_Execution_Results_New’ its giving error of object reference
  • 1 line test case description not displayed in online generated document when Include test case results checkbox is unchecked
  • Blank Document Generated via Online Document Generator
  • Scrollbar at the End of the Dashboard Page opens the Add Icon option
  • import document:all images are not showing
  • Import does not work for Checkbox field type
  • When clicking on link from the discussion it opens in the same tab instead of new tab
  • When user is suspended , assigned to is changed of freeze records and electronically approved records too
  • Index was outside the bounds of the array error when generate document with test cases
  • A Lock Icon is displayed for the Locked + Active Project version in Online Doc for Edit Page
  • Add Item by Right-click at Project or Solution node is not working
  • Quick search for Defect type is giving error
  • System Field is not showing field value in the email notification in email template. (special field for alma laser)
  • Single Item added in the product tree is not listed properly
  • French File name in Download PDF is incorrect
  • Locate in Product tree for Allow Single login unchecked item to Dashboard
  • Multiple items added under product tree is not listed properly
  • User can branch DMS Item in the Project using mass update option
  • PDF Publish error on Signing the File with Change #2 as previous file added is in draft
  • Cover letter Data gets distorted in case Document with 2 different headers is signed
  • Headings in Item Description distorts the order of items listed in Online Document Generator
  • Login with Site User does not display the Related service Calls
  • Last selected filter is not retrieved on next page load
  • Google map opened in Full screen gives the pop-up message
  • Add service call is possible for Inactive Customer’s site
  • Disable/Remove Branch checkbox for mass update service calls
  • Add System table for Unit test work item
  • Dynamic table font and font size are applied to the all text where style is not applied
  • Drill Down in Panel with Import Date values is giving error
  • User can edit test step for which Signing Process has started from Online Doc for Edit Page
  • Tabular text of 26 rows in Rich Editor Custom Field gives error (chars length ~900)
  • When Description field is added to the grid it take so much time too load
  • Last Run Status in Traceability Report is incorrect
  • User is able to go to edit screen of the Defect for the Project to which user has no permission
  • When 2 Items having ID matched upto 4 digits are added as ECO Item, it does not show correct Revisions list
  • Specify criteria should be reset/removed on changing the report level in Test Run View
  • When 1 field is dependent on field 2 then on single edit for field 2, its not showing error.
  • Incorrect log in case Delete status from System table which exist in the Process Flow
  • View with ECO Item Indication value No is not giving any result
  • After Signing CR, the Item gets freeze irrespective of the Process Flow defined in the Project
  • Existing and New Electronic Signatures are not showing in the list.
  • Can’t finish test case with parameter value which is deleted and added again