Release Notes

Release 5.0.5 (build 11)

Sep 7, 2022

What’s New

  • Update Alert columns received by notifiers marked as Last Assigned.


  • Export Tree is not working for revision files with special characters.
  • Images not displayed in the Export Compare tag results and also in Export OnlineDoc to HTML.
  • The panel is not clickable for numeric value in Field selection for Pie, Semi circle donut, 3D Pie charts and Bar chart.

Release 5.0.5 (build 9)

Aug 24, 2022

What’s New

  • Improve PDF Validation Process


  • Dynamic parts info not displayed in the Download for Edit, View/Download PDF of DMS items.

Release 5.0.5 (build 8)

July 12, 2022

What’s New

  • Supporting our new infrastructure based on AWS best practices
  • Improved application performance and stability
  • Config options to skip validations when uploading documents


  • Printing eForms Shows Wrong Status of Document 
  • Long file name validation
  • Do not allow to upload .doc / .xls / .ppt files in document control

Orcanos Release (May 10, 2022)


  • Exclude more than 50 work items from the Project is giving error on login
  • The copied execution sets or original execution sets of 1.0 should not be listed in higher version 2.0

Orcanos Release (Apr 21, 2022)

Fixes Highlights

Improve the Import Documents in Document Control

Import multiple file(s) in DMS Folder/DMS Workspace when file names are the same but extensions are different will place all the same file names under one DMS Item as revision A1, A2, A3, and so on.

Improvements in ECO(Engineering Change Control/Change Request)

Now users can release ECO Items multiple times or release ECO Items at different process flow defined by checking the checkbox “Release ECO Items” in the E-Records Signature defined for ECO


  • New company logo with some PNG and JPEG images was not recognized.
  • Child Items are not opened in the product tree in case the Parent node name has more than one line of data (created by pressing ENTER Key).
  • Document generated with a large number of child nodes is not proper.
  • Admin Log recorded on Change Group does not tell the username for which action is done.
  • Download PDF not generated for PPTX/XLSX files.
  • New Logo added is not reflected on the Orcanos System immediately.
  • The user name is missing in the Admin Log.

Orcanos Release (Feb 24, 2022)

Fixes Highlights

Improve the File Handling processes in Document Control

Handling the PDF conversion of .doc files

Skip adding the custom properties in .doc files so that PDF is generated successfully

Improvements in Training Management Feature


  • The file name for Revision greater than Z is not stored correctly in the database.
  • Copy-paste links with the option ” Copy Relations to the copied from” does not show the traceability indicator.
  • Multi E-sign DMS items linked to ECO show incorrect DMS File status on G drive for PDF file formats.
  • An email with ‘-’ gives an error on Forget Password Page and Settings pop-up
  • QW_Update_ByField: When Multiline is entered in Field value of UpdateFieldObject,it is creating a multi-line with
  • View/Download for Edit, Download for Edit gives error for DMS Item linked to ECO from Solution.
  • Since we have removed the weak cipher on the ALM server, graph API is not working as expected and gives an error.
  • QW_Update_ByField Is not working with Valid data.
  • Create a tag with a copy as link items display multiple lines for tag creation comments in History.
  • Download for Edit is not working on Load Balancer URLs.
  • #Tasks and %completion is not working in training management.
  • Training Program is created even no trainee/role is selected on signing the DMS Item.
  • Training tasks are reassigned in case the user is suspended and training data got messed up.
  • Handle File with Ink properties
  • Duplicate training task is launched when no DMS Item is related to Training Program.
  • Generating documents with Embed Filter and Embed items in child nodes does not work.
  • Selected Trainees get unselected upon editing the Training Program.
  • #Tasks value is shown as 0 after launching the training from the Training Program even after Refresh.
  • %Completion value is displayed as 0 and does not update correctly sometimes.
  • Users with multiple job titles are not listed in Trainees’ list of Training Program and DMS items.
  • Create Tag in Document Control Project gives Violation of Primary Key error.
  • Click on the Product tree icon corresponding to inactive project displays the Object reference not set error page.
  • Signing a revision file of 150 MB or above shows PDF publish error.
  • Launch training from User profile does not fill the details in DMS List and DMS Revision.
  • No task is created for user linked with multiple job titles when launched training from DMS Item using Roles.
  • Copy-paste large data gives timeout error.
  • Process flow transitions are not deleted. It only shows a message.

Orcanos Release (Dec 20, 2021)

Features and Enhancements:

Add ECO Release Date at the time of revision upload

Orcanos allows to add the ECO Release date in QuickPart information into uploaded documents

Improve the time out mechanism and the application logs around it


  • Add Attachment and Revision gives Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow message with file name having 3 commas followed by closing brackets
  • Online Generated File with embed field gives PDF Publish error
  • Multiple training tasks are launched for the users linked with multiple roles
  • PDFs generated on signing PDF File linked with ECO is having issues
  • Getting File not found error when generate the document
  • User is getting logout again and again with in less than 1min on app url
  • DMS Item revision upload is failing due to file is in use by another process error
  • Freeze items can update with mass update
  • Login Page is taking a long time to load
  • Some of the Images are missing in the Export Electronic Form > Download File > Latest/Last Approved Record
  • Export Tree for Last Approved/Obsolete option adds DMS Item ID suffix to all the files downloaded
  • Clicking on Uncontrolled Download in Revision with file name having & opens a blank page. No download occurs.
  • Button alignment for SSO does not look good in mobile and responsive view.
  • Download Revision is not working when we add Revision with + sign
  • Show hyperlink on embedded filters checkbox is not aligned
  • Remove Gantt Permission Tab from Group detail page
  • Next Assignee List is incorrect in case one of the Signer has viewer license type

Orcanos Release (Oct 21, 2021)

Features and Enhancements

Improvements in file names downloaded using uncontrolled download icon

Add the Transition, From Status to To status to the Esign Tab and start routing pop-up of record

Improvement in Traced Item info field selection in filters

Improvement in Add from Template

Add from Template allows user to copy the attachments and latest revision for DMS Items

A new field “last executed test result” added in the test run filter

Allows a user to display the last executed test result irrespective of the project version selected

Ability to generate the Document using Revision (tag)

User can now generate document by selecting the tag in the Revision field

Ability to generate the Document using the “Get The Result From The Last Test Run”

User can now generate document to list the last executed test run result details irrespective of the project version selecte

Multi Update Test Run Date

User can update run version and run parameters of multiple test run data from the Execution Set History Tab

Multi Delete Test Run Date

User can delete test run(s) data from Execution Set History Tab

Added new system field in DMS Item named as “Last Revision Trainees”

The field display the name of the trainees that has signed the training task for the latest approved DMS Item’s revision

Add ECO Watermark in Export Electronic Form

The Revision and routing state watermark is added to CR(ECO) work item on the top right side of the exported electronic form


  • Make the note text in start routing pop-up as in Red color
  • Launch training from user profile does not list all the trainings
  • Filename is incomplete when we download Revisions in Routing state – In work, Reject, Cancel
  • Launch training from Training program added from template does not generate training task linked with DMS Item
  • Download for Edit does not save the file with proper file name appending DMSEDIT, DMS Id and Rev no.
  • Retry Icon is not working all the time when we retry to publish the PDF on revision
  • Checkbox for ‘Is Private’ is not displayed in the Panel during Add mode.
  • Hebrew names are not showing properly in email logs
  • Multi Update option is listed even if the user has no permission for edit test run data
  • Sign Training task gives error “Invalid length parameter passed to LEFT…..”
  • Checkbox selection remains after performing Multi Delete on Execution Set history tab
  • more actions icon added on Execution set history tab is not aligned with refresh icon
  • Multi Delete option is listed even user user no permission for delete test run data
  • Mapped target fields for ECO related fields are not updated when edited.
  • Training task are created for the trainee and roles selected in training program when launch from DMS Item
  • Improve UI for the Watermark added in the ECO
  • Admin> Users> Tool-tip in User name column for users: first letter showing twice.
  • ‘Is Private’ checkbox is displayed and editable to the user’s who are not the creator for Public/Shared Dashboar
  • Embed ECO Table is affected in case after the Signing ECO Item is added
  • Clicking on Download link on description, discussion, test steps does not work. (Load Balancer)
  • Add Attachment is not working in app Pool URL of Size 2.43 MB
  • Advance Automation rule set is not implemented on adding the new training task
  • User is getting mails where all types of work items are listed for all projects.
  • On branching the test case, the created data is removed from the test steps except step 1
  • Login into the admin account for all the users moved to the app (load balancing URL) shows error.
  • Adding Training Program from template shows error.
  • Online docgen gives error if generate document when Table is available in Step of Test case
  • Job title for the user does not match on the E-sign tab with that of user details.
  • Last run status is incorrect when test case is added in different execution sets and generate document with selected execution set
  • “File issue” message displayed in case when we add Revision
  • Test case run details are incorrect for branched test case in generated document
  • Description text is incorrectly displayed for tabular data with border set as 0
  • Users can launch the Training when the Trainees are not selected.
  • Multi E-Sign using SSO Button gives error
  • ECO System fields are not available for mapping in advance Automation rules
  • Description text is not displayed completely on Branching the defects
  • All Fields are not aligned in a straight line in the Extended History report pop-up.
  • Share Dashboard is removed in case owner adds Panel with Private Filter
  • Add Alert with specific item is not listed in Alert listing grid
  • Give proper message or show version value blank for the embed filter for which version is blank
  • Image is added twice when the user do copy -paste in ck editor

Orcanos Release Overview


In 5.0 release Orcanos has focused mainly on the followings:

  • Training Management
  • Re-design of ECO process
  • Special Reports and Dashboards
  • Document generation optimization
  • Infrastructure improvements, use of Cache, for better performance
  • Usability Issues
  • Integrations

Orcanos Release 50.0.60 Overview

New Features added (Build 45 to Build 60)

Pop up for, mouse over on dynamic filter [Build 60]

Allow user to see the Embed Filter Details on mouse hover

Add a new tab to filter edit called “Where used”[Build 51]

The Edit Filter would display a new tab named as “Where Used” that would list all the places (Embed in Item Description, Dashboard Panels, Alerts) where the Filter is being used

Convert Docx/Xlsx/Pptx file to PDF using Graph API  [Build 51]

Add permission to launch training in the GROUP [Build 49]

Enable the work item permission to launch trainings from DMS Item, Training Program and User Profile

Set Job title field to be multi select in User form [Build 47]

Job Title system field is now converted to multi select field type

Get Specific Dashboard URL [Build 46]

User can now share the Dashboard using the URL, just like user share the Items and filters 

Add last run version in last run status column in the traceability matrix panel [Build 46]

The traceability matrix includes the Last run version along with the last run status. The results would be the same irrespective of the project version selected.

Build 45-60 Bug Fixes

  • User is able to add traceability from unfreezed Item to Freezed Item
  • End Process is not working in case we have run parameters marked to update during execution and no test step is executed
  • Sign Training task related to DMS Revision for which PDF is not generated
  • On deletion of system table no confirmation box.
  • User can add work item with comma (,).
  • Multiple Advance Automation rule defined on same field is not working properly
  • Apply Source is not working in case of Automation Rule is for all projects
  • Approval duration is missing on the Process Review report
  • Traced Item Info Column is still listed even user has removed the traced item info field
  • Embed Filter having user defined criteria including copy as link items shows No Results
  • User can add traceability from unfreezed work item A to freezed work item B in case change traceability permission is different for both work items
  • Some of the Files are not added as Revision and gives error
  • Advance Automation Rule is set for same work item but in different project as the work item list automation selected
  • Adding an alert with name having more than 150 char shows error.
  • Drag and drop copy as link item, moves the original item
  • No Run Icon is displayed for test case which is marked freezed and Edit
  • Add Alert with Group notifiers is received to same user multiple times
  • Arial Font are not considered in the generated Document
  • When Import Documents by DMS Folder/WorkSpace, Owner and Approver values are showing Qpack System
  • Do not allow user to access Private view or shared view using URL
  • Remove Logged User, Not Assigned, Qpack System values Custom Field with reference table ” All Project Users” selection list
  • Logout users from screens opened in new window as well
  • Last Test Run Result is incorrect for the Project’s test case added in Solution Execution set
  • TRN (Training Record) is not created in case of DMS Item manual launch
  • Do not repeat Headings for the User defined Tables
  • Test Run Suite Tab (QW_Get_Execution_Set ) take too much time when there are many records
  • Sometimes Add Revision Does not work and show discrepancy in Revision table and DMS Details
  • Protected button is missing on adding Read only, protected file, read only file.. (Files not handled and will give PDF Publish error after signing)
  • Launch button for User profile is displayed even user no permission
  • Section is missing when a single field is added with top/bottom option used
  • Multi E-Sign for DMS Item gives error in case select items with varying status
  • Change Traceability for freeze item permission is missing for MRB work item
  • User can not export tree by workspace which is having DMR and DHF work items.
  • Trainee custom field with reference table – All Project Users is giving error



ECO – Engineering Change Order

ECO is fully re-designed to better support the ISO 13485 regulations and best practice

Pending Approved Status

When a document is linked to an ECO, and signed, the routing status of the document is not changed to Approved, but Pending Approved.

Only after the ECO is approved – then the related documents are released, and the routing status becomes Approved. 

Same for obsoleting a document via an ECO

Remove Pending Approved/Pending Obsolete document

The system allows the user to remove Pending Approved/Pending Obsolete document from ECO, what used to be blocked in the previous release

ECO Action Type

The ECO Action Type is fully automated, based on the selected item routing state, revision, etc. There are 4 action types:

  1. Add Revision First Time
  2. Release Already Approved Revision
  3. Advance to Next Revision
  4. Obsolete Revision

Sign ECO

Items linked to ECO would be released only if the Release ECO Items checkbox is checked in the E- Records signature defined for the ECO.

Linking same document to multiple ECO

Allow user to handle the approve Record/Document in 2 different ECOs

Audit trail

History Record Event when there is a change of routing state from Pending Approved/Obsolete to Approved/Obsolete

Training Management – Full Training Management System

Training Management is the main part of ISO 13485, section 6.2. Training management.

There is a full automation of the process, from the “Read and understand” that creates training tasks to the stakeholders, to Formal training, and new employees.

User Profile

Each employee training is now managed in the employee profile e-record. Since the whole 

quality world has moved into RISK-based approaches, it is applying here as well. Based on how the work outcome of each employee may affect the RISK of the product, you need to address the training level you are about to conduct for that employee.

Performance – Using Cache

Orcanos caching mechanism improves the performance and scalability of the application. It is able to process large volumes of requests by keeping frequently accessed data in the server memory that can be written to and read from quickly.


User can Enable/Disable Redis cache from Admin > System Configuration > System Settings


Add Refresh Icon: Refresh Icon is Placed on the Panel View 

New dashboard panels: 3D Pie Chart Panel and Extended History Dashboard Pane


Product Tree

Change Version: Allow user to change the Item version in same project without using move to View option


Defect ID Column in Test Results of Online Generated Document: Allow to add new column named Defect Id in the test results

Work Items: Import CSV

Delete Import Setup: Allow user to delete the existing Import setup from the Import CSV pop-up


Document Control

Download the custom Properties added in the Revision upload: System adds QuickPart information (such as document name, revision, number) by download or download for edit documents. 


Include DMS Item Name in Cover Letter and Download PDFs: Cover Letter and Download PDFs now include the DMS Item Name along with the File Name



Allow 5 levels of acceptability: Allow user to have 5 level of acceptability (Low, Acceptable, ALAP, Unacceptable, High) both in Scalar and Tabular RPN


Edit Risk Acceptability: Allow user to update the existing Risk Acceptability values


Change Reason: In case user tries to update the Project’s FMEA Settings, user need to add Change Reason on Save

Attachments, DMS Revisions

Include File Size Column in Attachment and Revision Table: File size displays the size of added file in KB/MB. The file size limit is set to 200MB.


Allow to View PDF files in Attachment Tab: This option is available only for PDF Files added in attachment tab of any work item


Admin: Customization->Fields Layout

Allow Fields to be expanded in Full Size: The Fields in field layout can be expanded over one line. User can also decide to place the fields either at the Top or Bottom


Remove Edit Action Icon for Work Items: Do not allow user to update the code or user description for selected work items (CCA, Risk, DMR, TRN, TRN_TSK, ASS, S_ASS, AUDIT, BOM, CAPA, CR, DMS, DOC, DR, DV, EPIC, FOLDER, MRB, NCR, PRT, RCL, RIC, T_EXEC, T_EXEC_GRUOP, US, WrkSpc)


System Field Root Document ID: Add new system field – Root Document ID defined to display the Document ID in the Work Item Grid or Item’s Details Page


Admin->Event Automation

Ability to automate processes via event automation



Rest API to get Item URL: Allows to get the full URL from the item id

Rest API to add Attachment: Allows to add attachment and return the URL of attachment added


Other Usability/Performance Improvements

Replace the term View with Filter

Improve messages for Traceability

Removed Unnecessary options on right-click for copy as link items

Add tag ID to history when creating tag

Improve Download File Process

Improve the Online Document Generator performance

Improve search on add user to project

change the method of building query for Dynamic embed filters

Mouse hover on test case in test run suite tab shows the path for the test case

Disable internal Spell Checker for all users

Orcanos Release 4.3.0.xx Overview

In 4.3 release Orcanos has focused mainly on the followings:

  1. Compliance Engine
  2. Training Management
  3. Re-design of ECO process
  4. Special Reports and Dashboards
  5. Document generation optimization
  6. Document Import
  7. Test Run
  8. Clone Defect
  9. Usability Issues
  10. Integrations
  11. Bug fixes

Orcanos Release Overview

New Features added (Build 140 to Build 145)

Rename Legends in the Extended History Report [Build 140]

In Extended history, user can select multiple status value which can be renamed using the Field Alias

Change Execution Set History Order [Build 140]

The test results are now listed in descending order of the executions done on the Test Run History Tab of the Test case and Execution Set History tab of the Execution Set

Build 140-145 Bug Fixes

  • Conversion from type ‘DBNull’ Error on creating filter with specific names
  • Size update is not working for iFrame mode in Edit Panel for non-owner users in Public/Shared Dashboard.
  • When we launch training from DMS Item , And if dms is attached to it dont take last approved revision of DMS
  • Manage Content Sharing at Solution Level is not working
  • Import Risk shows 0 for P1, P2, S1, S2 fields
  • % Completion is incorrectly displayed in training tasks
  • Import: Risk with Description Only is not working
  • Item released from ECO cannot be added into different ECO
  • Remove defect from Work Item Automation List
  • User cannot add traceability to item marked as freezed and editable
  • Extended History Report Panel cannot be added when leaving the Filter value blank. It does not prompt any message also.
  • ECO Details are removed from DMS Overview in case linked Revision is removed from ECO
  • Extended History Report does not show records for Filter with ‘Is Branch’ condition.
  • Extended History report statistics are not correct for Project’s advance versions.
  • Give message and prevent Move to View the Item for which copy as link items exist in the Product tree
  • Spelling error in message displayed on quick search
  • On Edit the Existing Panel by user other than owner, all field data appears blank
  • Clicking on Self Registration link, distorts the Page


New Features added (Build 138 to Build 139)

Improve Legends on the Panels [Build 139]

Allow user to display the Legend on Top, Bottom, Right, Left


Build 138-139 Bug Fixes

  • Traced links are pointing to deleted project version and hence navigated to Dashboard
  • Blocked Files .par and .htaccess extension are added to Orcanos System
  • Place the Legend at the Bottom just as we have for Bar charts
  • Compliance Report Title is not displayed properly
  • More than 10 signers in same level is having issue during signing the document/record
  • Date is not listed on asc order in extended history report
  • Reference Table does not display Custom Code of Item Key for Work Item Lists Automation
  • System shows CODE instead of Field name in Legends if there is no records for that Status.
  • Drag and drop fields in field layout takes time
  • System prompts the message when removing the section without Fields.

New Features added (Build 133 to Build 137)

Allow e-Sign Document with the SSO [Build 136]

User can login and also sign the Record/Document using SSO or use Orcanos authentication by enabling/ Force SSO in the System Settings.


Build 133-137 Bug Fixes

  • Download icon is not working for attachment in generated document on click and giving error
  • Generate button is not working on Online Docgen page in Safari
  • User can edit and delete the other user’s configuration’s including default in safari
  • Error on Filter Page in case we have ONLY the Filter marked Favorite
  • Statistics for the panel is not matching with the Filter data.
  • Edit Shared Panel and marking it Private(which is created by Owner) gives error and removes the Panel
  • Share Dashboard is not listed in case it has private panels added
  • User can add same panel twice in Shared Dashboards
  • Incorrect data displayed when execution set group is selected in the Validation panel
  • History Report with Stack Chart type shows same color and hence confusing
  • Traced Items Info Data is missing in generated Document
  • Cut-paste item gives error in case target folder has same item name present in lower version
  • History Report with Stack Chart type shows same color and hence confusing
  • File name is not correct when Exported from Work items page in case selected filter has icons added
  • The Selection icon on the Filter should get reset as per the filter name selected
  • Add File with Dynamic Part Information which fails at backend is having issues
  • Remove View keyword from Work Items Page when selected work item has no views
  • Wrap text option is not available for Test Run


New Features added (Build 125 to Build 132)

Add the DMS Item Name, Category, ECO ID at the time of revision upload [Build 132]

Orcanos allows to add the QuickPart information into the uploaded documents at the time the document is being uploaded.

Add new System field – Last Approved Revision [Build 131]

This field value is auto calculated by the system and is non-editable. It displays the Item Revision that is last approved by the users


Wrap Text [Build 131]

Allows to wrap the data displayed on the work items grid in the selected column width


Tooltip for Download Icon in Revision table is revised [Build 125]

Tooltip for Download Icon in Revision Table replaced with Keyword – Uncontrolled Download

Append the postfix(clone) when user clones filters [Build 127]

Till now when we clone filters numeric (1) keeps on adding to the name of the filter. This is now replayed with the keyword – Clone


Add indication in filter “Advance” tab called “Include Test Results” [Build 128]

User can see the test case results in the Traced Items Info column


Add Favorites to Filter [Build 128]

System allows user to mark the selected filter as Favorite which appends a yellow start to the filtername and favorites are listed under Favorite folder


Add Filter Folder Permissions [Build 128]

The system allows user to arrange the filters under the folders structure. There is one permission under “General” called “Filter Folder Structure Permission” which allows user to create filter folders


Search Filters [Build 128]

In filter selection list, we have 3 options now Private, Public, created by me which allows to list the filters as per the selection


Allow to add Panel(s) in Shared Public Dashboards [Build 128]

User can add new Panels in Shared Public dashboards by enabling the group permission called “Add Panel To Public Dashboard Permission” in general


Allow to edit Panel(s) in Shared Dashboards [Build 131]

Users can edit the existing Panels shared by the owner based on the group permission called “Add Panel To Public Dashboard Permission” in general


Include all changes in cover letter settings added in System Settings > DMS Setting [Build 128]

User can set the Cover letter settings here to include all the changes in Change Revision History table or to include only the latest changes in each Revision


Build 125-132 Bug Fixes

  • Adding File revision with ‘&’ sign and selecting the option ‘Keep Old Name’ shows error.
  • Typing fast in the CKEditor slow down the typing in Item description and Discussion
  • Download panel option is not working. It shows error.
  • For multi e-sign limit, message needs revision to include ‘work items’ word.
  • Group user (not the owner) can add the private panel
  • Users of the group having access to Dashboard can add Recent Items panel more than once.
  • Edit filter option is missing from all the Dashboard Panels
  • Clone filter that is under a folder – the cloned filter shall be created under the folder
  • Import system table values from CSV takes data from all column and all sheets
  • List of Documents in the second line is getting cropped and not displayed completely.
  • check normal checkbox by default when add 3D Pie chart
  • Panel is auto refreshed even its set to None
  • Icons are not aligned properly on Work Items Page
  • No training task is created in case Training program launched is not related to any Document
  • All work items in traced Item Data are not listed due to which user can see the traceability indicator but traced info data comes blank
  • System shows ‘Violation of Primary key constraint’ error when moving original item into folder having copy as link item.
  • Download PDFs are not generated in case there is a Failure at any point in the DMS Item
  • User is not able to search by < > in the notifier list
  • User can create filter with same name having space
  • Apply Source Option not working for automation
  • Compliance not working on Qpackcloudempty
  • Add users to Project by selecting more than one user using search option is not working properly
  • Auto Assign is not implemented when we add DMS Items using drag and drop files in Import Documents
  • User is able to add traceability from unfreezed Item to Freezed Item

New Features added (Build 122 to Build 124)

Get URL on right-click the node in Product Tree [Build 123]

User gets an option to copy th eURL of selected node on right-click the node in product tree


Improvements in Training Management [Build 122]


Build 122-124 Bug Fixes

  • Timeout error when launch training for User Profile
  • Remove PDF Publish Error and Retry Icons for Signed PPT Files
  • Make Exec History tab as default is not working
  • Extra one line space when the item are numbered/bulleted
  • “Locate in Product tree” icon in work item grid for copy as link item is navigated to original item
  • Spacing in the generated document is not coming as per Space between Paragraphs in Configuration settings.
  • Burndown chart doesn’t consider pool items
  • The heading in the generated document does not match the heading font size defined in the template

New Features added (Build 114 to Build 121)

Improvements in DMS Item History [Build 121]

Add the history comment when the user chooses to add a new revision with the same file name or different file name.

Add history comment when user cannot add Revision in case file is read only, password protected, corrupt file or unsupported file type such as *.doc or *.xls


Add the custom properties at the time of revision upload [Build 118]

Orcanos allows to add the QuickPart information into the uploaded documents at the time the document is being uploaded. 

Improve the Text displayed in Quick Search Box [Build 116]

Display the name of selected project/solution in quick search area for better understanding

All Dashboard Panels height can be controlled [Build 118]

A new field “height” allows to control the Panel height

Introduce new 3D Pie Chart Panel [Build 118]

3D Pie chart allows user to have better representation of data

Introduce new Extended History Dashboard Panel [Build 118]

Allows to make more selection and provide more precise data

Limit multi E-Sign of Records and Documents to 25 [Build 118]

User can now sign only 25 DMS Items or other work items using multi E-Sign option


Build 114-121 Bug Fixes

  • Attachments are missing in case defect with attachment is linked to project test case executed in Solution
  • Display pop-up whenever there is a change in File name
  • Project Name listed on the Top is incorrect when working with Filters
  • Download attachments are not working when Filename has “#” or the item is DMS and attachment is added from revision file
  • User should be navigated to last viewed Page after logout due to no activity
  • Import with mapping of large columns is having issues
  • Target field mapping does not list P1, P2, S1, S2 in advance automation rule
  • Revision mapped in Advance Automation rule is not working
  • Error on Clone defect to the Project not having Edit Defect Permission
  • System freeze when there are more records in ECO and Training module
  • UI changes on  Electronic Signature > Electronic Records Page
  • No history is recorded in case test case linked to execution set is deleted
  • Filter having Specify criteria as “Dates” cannot be updated
  • Run Parameters added and removed from Execution Set are not recorded in History
  • Add/Edit Item with long description text gives error

New Features added (Build 111 to Build 113)


Restrict the circular reference in the User Manager [Build 111]

Does not allow to set Manager on User Details Page in circular loop like User A> B> C> A


Trigger an alert for Rally connection failure [Build 111]

Emails are send in case there is rally connection failure due to credentials issue


Build 111-113 Bug Fixes

  • Quick Search is not working when 2 different projects are opened in different tabs/browsers
  • Remove Spell Checker option from user settings as this feature is not supported now
  • History Recorded for delete multiple steps and all steps is incorrect
  • Timeout error when signing item which has around 150 child items
  • Revision mapped in Advance Automation rule is not working
  • Relink branched defects in work item grid shows 2 rows
  • Records Count rest to 10 on Add test case by filter screen
  • Import CSV: Display the External unique identifier message only when Import from External system is unchecked
  • Cross Icon displayed on Email Current Page pop-up is not operational
  • Icons are overlapping at the footer on Electronic Signature > Electronic Records Page

New Features added (Build 107 to Build 110)

Improve Organizational chart data [Build 108]

Allows to have multiple users at top level


Automation Trigger Improvements [Build 107]

Allow Nesting Trigger for Training management and BOM part management 


Build 107-110 Bug Fixes

  • System shows error upon branching an item linked to the automation rule.
  • Improve filter validation message in case user defined criteria and order by is left blank
  • Fix the missing Process Flow entries
  • Improve Import CSV Screen and validation message in case External Unique Identifier mapping is incorrect
  • Add from Template list does not list the Branched Items set as template
  • Work Item Automation : When add item in pool with automation which adds traceability creates error
  • Copy as link items are not shown in grid in case of filter by and parent is branched
  • No log recorded when user input incorrect email ID on Forgot your username
  • Copy as Link items are not printing in the generated document if copy as link item’s parent item is branched
  • Last Run Version is incorrect on test run suite tab, execution set history tab of the test case
  • Share Item does not include Item Description
  • Updated by is incorrect in Item history for item updated by automation trigger
  • Selecting Not Set value in Automation field is giving error
  • Run history is still listed in test run filters even the Test case is removed from the Execution Set
  • Traceability is removed in case project is marked Inactive
  • Copy-paste Node display same item multiple times in case item was pasted at other location as copy as link

New Features added (Build 101 to Build 106)

Rest API to Delete Attachment [Build 101]

Users can now delete attachment using the Rest API


Improve Download Functionality [Build 101]

Users can download large file size data. The file size is limited to 200MB


Build 101-106 Bug Fixes

  • On Continue with item Approval, Previous Revision remains Approved
  • Sign ECO gives timeout error in case linked items has automation involved
  • The mapping of Routing State followed by name in advance automation rule is causing issue
  • Move to View large structure cause timeout error
  • Allow add/edit bugs in locked version
  • PDF is not regenerated for DMS Item having Attachment linked with ECO
  • Multi Esign option is missing in case user does not have Start Routing Permission

New Features added (Build 95 to Build 100)

History audit log aggregation for DMR and DHF management [Build 95]

All the add, updates, deletion done in the DMS Items are recorded in the History audit log for Parent DMR and DHR Item. 

The updates in Revision are also recorded in the Cover letter generated for Parent DMR and DHR Item

Export Tree option for DMR and DHF Work Items: Allows to Export Tree having the DMS Items that includes the Document and Cover letter

Removed the Copy as link constraints [Build 95]

Allows user to paste the Copy as Link Item anywhere in the Product tree of the same Project

Ability to delete test run data [Build 100]

Ability to delete selected test run data from the Execution Set History Tab. This is controlled by the work item Permission named as “Delete Test Run History” under the Execution Set work item.

Save the Document with custom properties [Build 100]

The Custom Properties are embedded in the Docgen template which are listed in the generated Document. This Document can now be added directly in the Document Control Project for Signing. 


Build 95-100 Bug Fixes

  • Revision is incorrect for PDF File when user remove the Pending Approved File from ECO
  • Add from Template DOC Item with Allowed types is not copied
  • Defects and Attachments are lost on Cancel Branch
  • Improvements when working with force branch and allow branch permission
  • Action Icons in Tag compare are missing in case Item description has table

New Features added (Build 90 to Build 94)


Edit Test Run Data [Build 90]

Ability to edit actual Test Results, Run version and run parameters from the Execution Set History Tab. This is controlled by the work item Permission named as “Edit Test Run Data” under the Execution Set work item.

Add new Work Item: BOM Management [ Build 91]

The new work items added for all customers are: Bill of Material, Assembly, Sub Assembly, Part, Device Master Record, Device History File


Build 90-94 Bug Fixes

  • Sometimes Click Save on Automation Event causing 414 Error (large data in the query string)
  • Export Actual Results Attachments data is incorrect in case test steps are removed and re-executed
  • Mapped fields in Advance Automation Rule display code instead of description
  • 2 compliance audit field added in custom fields are editable
  • Shrink the Images in Item Description column of the Compare tags Screen
  • Import Issue : Column Name having special characters 
  • System shows Object Ref error upon updating the test run info in Edit Test Run window with blank Run Parameter.
  • Clone Defect bug :  Defects_ver_view entries missing for upper version
  • Import Setup without name gives error “Column ‘Key’ does not belong to table Import.
  • Training Management Project not display on Manage Work Items List Automation add/edit screen
  • Add Routing Start Date and Routing due date in the Field Layout
  • Execution Timeout on Signing the Item with Two or more signers (Specific Item Description)
  • Embed Field/View details are not displayed in Change in Description for the Tag created
  • Export History: Change in Description column, it’s not printing the before and after data. 
  • Items those are freezed can not be deleted as copy as link
  • Server error on add traceability with Items having description with embed fields
  • Copy as link Item is pasted twice when added under non-expanded folder
  • Do not allow edit system table values for E-Sign Status
  • Download PDFs are not generated in case there is a Failure at any point in the DMS Item
  • Organizational structure without having Admin in Employee Manager will list only Admin user
  • ECO Details in work item Cover letter is missing
  • Partial search is not working on Target/found/fixed version for Defect
  • Import System table values is not working

New Features added (Build 81 to Build 89)


More logs to handle tracking of PDF regeneration of DMS Items linked with ECO [Build 88]


Removed Unnecessary options on right-click for copy as link items [Build 86]


Copy Items [Build 84]

Copy Folder now allows user to copy the copy as link items and also traceability and attachments linked with the copied items


Export Actual Results attachments [Build 84]

The system allows to export all actual results attachments of a specific test result document, along with last run status


Includes Dynamic QuickPart in the Online Generated Document [Build 89]

The system generates a document that is based on a template(.dotx) that contains Orcanos special quick parts like Work Item ID, Routing State, Revision, change # and Effective Date 


Add Parent Item to fields chooser in the execution set tab [Build 84]


Paste and Keep [Build 84]

This option keeps the copied item in the clipboard, so user can paste it multiple times


REST API Copy_Attachment_CopiedFrom_Item [Build 84]

Copy the Attachments for copied item


Increase Run Parameter Name limit to 255 [Build 84]


REST API : Add Test Run Parameter value [Build 83]

Allows user add test run parameter values via REST API


Export Item’s History data [Build 83]

Allows user to export the complete Items’s History tab data to Excel or Html format 


System Field Employee Manager [Build 83]

Add new system field – Employee Manager defined on User Details Page on Admin 


Set Watermark Location in PDF [Build 83]

Allows user to define the position of watermark in download PDF generated

Export Compare Tag Result [Build 82]

Allows user to Export Compare Tag Results in Ms Excel or Html Format


Add Filter option in History Report [Build 82]

Allows user to created history report panel based on selected filter 


Handle Revision after Z [Build 82]

After Reaching Revision Z, Revisions appear as AA, AB, AC… AZ, BA, BB,… BZ, CA,.. and so on


Add Public and Private Panel Icon [Build 82]

Ability to identify if a panel is private or public


Add Tag ID in History [Build 82]

On create tag, history records tag ID 


Build 81-89 Bug Fixes

  • Improvements in nested data displayed and table numbering in Import Word Document 
  • Do not allow Edit, Delete, Add Actions for the system table – Mail Notifier Type
  • On login, user is not always on the last selected project and Page
  • Excluded project version can be accessed using the URL
  • Selected project version excluded does not refresh the product tree
  • Completion date Field value should get blank in case status is no longer marked as Complete
  • The version in Relink Defect across different versions of same/different project is not correct
  • Start Routing Button missing in case add revision after cancel/reject obsolete process
  • Add Indication on E-Sign Page when we Obsolete the DMS Item/Work Item
  • No alert message is displayed when the user is trying to mass update checkout records.
  • Copy As Link : Go to source is not working when actual item is not shown in tree currently
  • Branch followed by Cancel Event on Test case added in Execution set remove the test case from Execution set
  • Add/Edit Panel name with angle brackets is not working
  • Updating the History Report panel such that there is no records, does not show ‘No Data Found’ message.
  • Import word file having multiple images shows only 1 image after import in Item Description.
  • Nested Numbers and Nested Bullets are fixed at different places
  • FMEA Fields(Risk Control and Failure Cause) when moved out of FMEA sections are not listed in Add/Edit/View Risk Work Item
  • Process flow chart resized using mouse becomes very small and text is not readable.
  • Give the proper message to the user when the system table of custom field is change
  • Download for Edit Icon is not displayed for DMS Item in Routing state Draft and Approved
  • Text for labels is getting cut in Test Run History of Test Case.
  • Item code in the URL is case sensitive
  • After import the document, Numbering is showing wrong with having 1 line space between every numbering.
  • Download PDFs are not generated correctly in case XLSX or PDF Revision is linked with ECO
  • Run Name exceeding 50 chars shows error upon updating test steps.
  • Copy as  link items is not showing tick mark indication in column.
  • Auto Refresh interval should have ‘None’ option
  • Views does not include copy as Link Item
  • Make recent item list count to 25
  • Relinking Branched Defects is not working Properly

Orcanos Release Overview

Compliance Engine

The compliance engine infrastructure was improved and became much more robust. You can now include filters as part of your rules settings, so basically add any rule required to support your regulations, such as:

  • Software requirements related to the risk that have no test traceability
  • Defects related to Complaints in Critical priority that have not been addressed for more than 3 days
  • Risk with mitigation by design without design artifact link to it


Export to Word Document(Online Document Generator)

Override Item Description Font: Allows setting Item Description minimum font size of 5px

Dynamic Table Header Font Size and Dynamic Table Font Size: Allow user to set the minimum font size of 5px

Step Settings: Allows the user to select if to include Test Steps or Test Steps Results (with run data columns)

Add An Empty Line After Steps Table: Allow to add an empty line after the test steps table, in order to allow the user to add information to the test more easily if needed

Space between paragraph: add values 1,2,3,4,5,6,12

Add Progress Bar: Docgen contains a progress bar, which is mostly required in big documents.

Resized Images: Resized Images are displayed correctly in the generated Document

Test result document: Ability to generate test results document by last test run status, by specific execution set last run status, or by execution group

Docgen log: An option for log file is set on account level. Ability to view the Docgen log hyperlink from the main log.


Import Word Document

Import word document with different work item types: up to now, we could import a document with the child nodes as Paragraph only. Now the user can mark specific headings in the document as another work item type like a software requirement, system requirement, etc.


Document Control

Add the option to Obsolete a document

ECO – Engineering Change Order

ECO Feature is fully re-designed to better support the regulations and best practice


Now when a document is linked to an ECO, and the document is signed, the status is not becoming as Approved, but as Pending Approved.

Only after the ECO is approved – then the related documents are released. And become Approved. 

Same for obsoleting a document via an ECO

Allow user to remove Pending Approved/Pending Obsolete document from ECO [Build 80]

Special Reports Mechanism

We have been asked lots of times to export information that was not supported by Orcanos tools (such as Users usability, One report that links several work items, Admin reports, etc).

We have added a new capability that allows generating any report, of any type in any format, with the ability to save it to Excel

In order to use this capability, it is required to do the following:

  • Design the need together with Orcanos team
  • Orcanos adds the special report to your account
  • Report is ready to use 

No upgrade is required, and it is usually done within 1-2 hours for simple reports, and more for more complex reports

This mechanism also supports parameters


Admin: Automation Screens [Build 80]

Admin: Mandatory Field Rule

Allow user to add multiple mandatory Field Rules for the same Field: 

Up to now, the user was able to define one rule for one field. For example:

Category can’t be Not Set if the status is Fixed.

User can now add more rules, such as:

Category cant be Not Set and Priority cant be Not Set if the status is Fixed


User can define rules for multi-select fields


Admin: Custom Fields

Multi Line Text Box: User can add a new custom field of type multi line Text box

Item Name and Defect Synopsis are also converted to Large Text Field Type, so if the name is long, it is shown completely on edit mode


Add new system tables: System users (containing roles), System groups (All Groups)

Clear temp files: Add Admin option under “Maintenance” section – “Clear temp files”


Admin: Exclude Versions [Build 78]

Allow user to exclude project version for selected group users



Dashboard Legends are listed at the Bottom: The Legends are moved from the top side of the Panel to the Bottom so they don’t hide the values

Test Management

Added Format Brush to Test Steps: Copy Formatting and Remove Format Icons are added in Steps Description, Step Expected Results and Step Actual Results


Adding Test from Test Run Suit Tab: Click on Add(Open Test Tree) Icon, opens the Product tree, Clicking on Parent Node will select all the child nodes under it. On Add, It adds only the test cases

Export Actual Results Attachments: Allows to export Actual Results attachments and images. This option for now is available only for T_PLAN, DOCUMENT, REQ_HD work items [Build 79]

Keep History on Remove Test Cases: User get an option to remove test case from execution set and keep history of past executions done or not [Build 80]


Adding Defects from Test Run: The Default description comes from Defect Template defined in the Project. If the template doesn’t exist, the system puts a default template that contains the test data (as today)

Clone Defects: User can clone the Existing Defect in the same project or in different Projects, while keeping traceability to Origin

Clone Defect Permission: Allows to control the defect option available in work items> more actions [Build 79]


Excel Export

Allow Clear Tags in Excel Export: Excel Export provides the user with an option to Clear Tags so as to avoid HTML Tags displayed in test steps, Item Description Column or any Rich Editor Custom Field type


Compare Tags [Build 80]

Allow user to select 2 tags, or current state and a tag, and generate a difference report 

Users also have an option to export Tag Compare results table to Excel and HTML.

Other Usability/Performance Improvements

Reset all Search Criteria in the Grid  – Cross Icon column will reset all search criteria in the Work Item Grid

Hiding left pane: When hiding left pane with the Hamburger menu at the top left – the system keeps it closed when the user refreshes the page

On add traceability screen –  Change button to “Trace” instead of “Create”

Better Watermarks in Cover letter and Download PDF  

Copy-paste from Word clears unnecessary tags keeping text clean thus allows better reports generations

History Tab performance – The history tab by default is now showing 50 records, a new capability added “Get next 50” – this to reduce the time taking to load huge history records

Special Description Text Field – This special field display the Description text of the Item without web styling

Added default values for System Tables: Compliance Regulatory Authority, Compliance Class, Compliance Module [Build 78]

Add tag ID to history: On creating tag, save the tag ID in the History Comment [Build 77]

Keep column width of Test Run Suite tab: The width of columns adjusted by user on test run suit tab of execution set now gets saved [Build 80]

Keep row height same on Test Run Suite Tab [Build 80]

Mass update for Item/Defect Description is removed [Build 80]


An integration was developed for RallyDev (as part of Orcanos system)

An integration was formatted to GitHub in Zapier



Add Delete Tag API: The API to delete the tag created on product tree [Build 80]


Build 78-80 bug fixes

  • Copy and paste the embedded view is not working on templates description Copy and paste the embedded view is not working on templates description
  • In Generated document, improvements of data displayed in the table
  • Import CSV, Rich Editor text box does not consider line break while import from CSV file.
  • Generate Document with Item whose Copy as link Items are moved across Projects
  • Append Run Name with the Milliseconds so that it remains unique
  • Remove comma from the Iframe Panel added
  • Copy and paste the embedded field and view is not working in the ‘Description’ field for Online doc for Edit.
  • Copy and paste the embedded view is not working on templates description

Lower builds

  • Remove Reset Suspicious Indication option for the DMS Items 
  • Export CSV with special characters is fixed
  • Icon’s tooltip for the URL on the Attachment tab is not correct
  • Test Steps column width should not change due to images in the test steps
  • Error is shown upon performing the move to view for an item itself which is ‘Copy as link’.
  • Fix bug of Version permission when adding bug [Build 81]
  • P Hazard P Harm Matrix Table values remain unchanged irrespective of Code, Description, Both selected
  • Allow User to select the same value in ALAP Range in Scalar RPN table
  • Panel does not display ‘No’ – i.e. uncheck values for checkbox field data.
  • Pagination is incorrect for the count hyperlink for chart panels.
  • History Report Query is taking a long time resulting in a Timeout error
  • Some Items description is not showing if it’s having table without border
  • Online DocGen: heading style of Dotx template is not saved
  • Online DocGen is not printing the copy as link items
  • Online Docgen: Lots of other fixes and improvements, such as align text to top/left in tables, minimize the time to generate a document, etc.
  • Traced Item Info Data not displayed properly when the Items are displayed in Format – Use Wrapping
  • steps table on landscape mode is not stretched to full page
  • Without Wrapping, the data displayed in the generated Document for Traced Item Info Column does not include any Space between multiple traced links
  • Company Logo is missing in the cover letter when exporting the tree.
  • Mandatory Field Rule for the Renamed Fields in Field Layout is not working
  • Moving Icons on projects tab in solution is not working.
  • Extend Condition checkbox is checked on Edit Mandatory Field Rule
  • Mandatory Field Rule is not working in case field is renamed in Field Layout of the Item
  • Invalid Value – [Empty] is missing for multi-select field type in Mandatory Field Rule
  • Special Character Fixes in Admin Pages
  • Show only active projects checkbox gets reset to uncheck on Page Refresh
  • Using Prev and Next Icon in system table value pop-up user can edit the Values for Which Edit Permission is not there
  • Compliance Audit: When in Solution Filter Links are opened with the wrong version
  • Do not allow the user to add Public Panel with the same name
  • ‘Field 2’ grouping is not getting reset when changing Chart Type to ‘Semi Circle Donut’ and ‘3D donut’ charts.
  • Customer Service dashboard panel gives an error with large data
  • move the “Relink defect” to the “More Actions” menu
  • Search Grid and Pagination not displayed properly
  • UI Distorts when working with Freezed Column
  • P Hazard and PHarm displayed twice in View Fields selection list
  • Last Selected View is lost when login with a different browser or next day
  • Image Added Twice in Edit Step Screen in Mozilla Firefox
  • Click Edit Icon to Edit Test Step displays << instead of Previous text on the Button
  • Incorrect syntax near ‘&’ on date update due to Date Formats in User Settings
  • ‘Relink Defects’ option is shown twice after a defect is relinked.
  • Allowed Types not working on adding sub child nodes under Branched Doc item
  • The document name is missing when we move the Item from one project to another
  • The checkbox is not center-aligned in Item View Mode
  • Default custom field values are incorrect when Add Field Permission is missing
  • Risk Values of P Hazard, Harm are shown as 5 (default value) even the values in Database is null

Orcanos Release

See release notes here

Orcanos Release 4.3.0.x Overview

In 4.3 release Orcanos has focused mainly on the followings:

  1. Stability improvements
  2. Document generation
  3. Bug fixes
  4. Integration platform for RallyDev

New Features

Work Items Grid Actions (filters)

Add Traceability Option  – Allows to select single/multiple Items from filter results and add traceability

Reset Suspicious Indication Option – Allows to select single/multiple Items and reset the Suspicious Indication

In Suspicious Information Column, add a Diff Icon – Click on Diff Icon show the Changes Done on the Item that triggered the suspicion

Get Hyperlink Icon to share the View URL – Click on Get Link Icon copies the selected View URL and share it 

Add Diff Icon in the Action Column of Work Item Grid – displays the diff between the current and latest changes made in the Item’s Description

Traceability Tab

Change the Button name from Save to Create and Create & Exit

Control view of links to other views than the selected Project View: 

An item can be traced to other items in other projects than the user is currently login to. So they are not relevant for the view user has login

These links are shown in grey color

Now the user has the ability to hide them

E-Sign Tab

Add the Column “Job Title” in the Signer table


Expand and collapse history rows in one click – The user can expand all history rows to view the changes

Subscribe Users

Remove the Unsubscribe Button – The Subscribed users can be removed by clicking on Cross Icon beside the User’s name

Import Work Items

Data Import with Orcanos ID – External/ Orcanos 

Data import is now supporting import from external systems, and from Orcanos system

External system – user needs to map Orcanos ID to the external system ID, so in the imports Orcanos can track changes made to the imported items and show it to the user before making the import

If the checkbox is not checked, user can actually export items, make changes in Excel and import them again, so Orcanos can track the changes made

Allow to Import Numeric Field Type as Empty (fix) – The Default Value 0 should be displayed in case imported number field type have no value defined in the CSV File

Display the Unique Identifier mapped on the Edit Import Setup – The CSV Column name mapped with External Unique identifier is displayed on the Edit Import Setup



Allow to add DMS Item or Record with varying Revision in multiple ECO Now the DMS Item with Revision A can be added in ECO A and same DMS Item with Revision B can be added in ECO B


Allow different height for panels in dashboard Grid – User can set the Height of Panels with Report Type –  Grid and Traceability Matrix


  • Unused sections are removed from System Settings Page
  • Unused Links are removed from Admin Page
  • Add Dashboard Permission is renamed as “Add Panel Permission”
  • Remove the option “Source As Email Sender” in General Settings of Email Setup

Admin : E-Records Signature

Remove the “DMS Item” from Item Type Section List – The Routing Process for DMS Item activates on Add Revision so there was no impact of E-Record Signature Set for DMS Item.

Admin : Users

On Add new user, the default chat selection will be “allow private and public chat”

Only 2 Chat options for External User – External User is allowed to select only one of the 2 chat options available now

  • Allow public chat only
  • Dn’t allow chat

Admin : Customization

Ability to change location of description section and FMEA section – Allows user to drag and drop any Section in the Item Field Layout. FMEA Section and Description can be moved but cannot be removed from the Item’s Field Layout

Ability to Move the FMEA Fields (Hazard,Harm,Failure Cause,Risk Control) from FMEA Section – User can place the FMEA Fields in section other than defined FMEA Section of Risk

Show the Number of Available Custom Field Note – Depending on Field Type Selected, user will get the message for number of Field types left out of total number of available fields

Admin : FMEA

Ability to show Risk Probability, Severity, Detectability values as Code, Description or Both 

  • On Selecting Code, Numeric code would be displayed for Probability, Severity, Detectability
  • On Selecting Description, Description value would be displayed for Probability, Severity, Detectability
  • On Selecting Both, Numeric Code and Description value would be displayed for Probability, Severity, Detectability

Code Selection

Description Selection

Both Selection

New Special System Fields

Field Name: “Allowed Types”: This Field is applicable to DOCUMENT (DOC) Work Item only. It restricts the work items that can be added under the specific Document (in all levels).


Show Path of the Item at the Bottom of the Page on mouse hover the “Locate in Product Tree” Icon

This is working on Grid Results Page, Search Page, Recent Items Page, Starred Items Page

On Delete Item pop-up, the Default Selection is No

To avoid deleting the item by mistake, by default No is selected now. User has to select Yes in order to Delete the Item.

The Splitter Icon on Work Item Grid is made less sensitive – Allows to drag and drop the mouse easily to adjust column width

The Buttons in Edit Step pop-up is optimized – Previous and Next Icons are replaced with Buttons in Add/Edit Test Step pop-up

Replace the Close Button with Close Icon on Test Run Suite Tab of the Execution Set

Bug Fixes and small improvements

  • In generated Document, Images are overlapping on header
  • Available Fields in Field Layout list only the Custom Field
  • Timeout expired error in QW_Get_Admin_EncryptedPassword
  • Add step using Inline without Upper and lower limit add the Previous step twice
  • Rearrange the Items moved from Pool to View is not working
  • Font style and formatting of text when import document, is not correct
  • In generated document, Tables inner grid lines are missing
  • In generated Document, Heading font size is very big
  • Last Quarter Date operand does not display correct data
  • Next X Days is not giving correct results
  • Importing text data with more than specified limit in update does not show [TRUNC].
  • Branch Defect field in View Mode is not working properly
  • Small images are getting expanded to full width in Online Doc Edit, Export HTML
  • When loading step edit screen, there is a jump” of the expected results section (after screen loads) that annoys users”
  • Process Flow Auto Assign Bug : When auto assign is last assigned and defect work item then process flow goes to last assigned
  • Filter By Last X days is not giving correct results
  • Add After option is displayed for Risk Probability table
  • In Work Item Grid, View Item and then Delete Item , opens the Item Details Page
  • Add From Template Product Tree : Child Item gets default status of parent.
  • System does not reset selection and does not show record when ‘Show only exclude items’ is unchecked on Admin Pages
  • System does not reset selection to first page when ‘Active’ checkbox is selected or not selected on Admin Pages
  • Add from Template does not include all the child Items
  • Filter by ‘Next Month’ and ‘Next Quarter’ is not showing records for Due Date set in January 2020 and the current month is December.
  • ‘Delete’ and ‘Cuts’ options are available for freezed items.
  • Subscribed users not getting mails when Defect is renamed to some other Custom Code
  • New record is added in middle when pagination is enabled on e-DHR Automation Page
  • Bullets not displayed in Step Description and Expected Result on Steps Tab of test case.
  • Test cases which are not run are not listed in Test Run Views
  • Invalid value for execution set is set as
  • Fix of special string handling in Import Work Items
  • Execution Set Name and ID blank in Defect View when defect Linked from Run History
  • Dashboard of Report Type – Grid does not list all items
  • Bullets are not displayed correctly and data is shown twice when it is having multiple rows for Actual Result when Re-run the test case.
  • System shows “Column Name or number of supplied values does not match” error upon connecting user(s) to Project.
  • The last selected work item is not retained on Admin > Projects > Mandatory Fields Tab
  • Rename Docgen Configuration pop-up does not display the selected docgen configuration name
  • Import Status is not working for existing values as present in Process Flow.
  • Sort on ‘Is template Indicator’ gives error
  • Columns alignment is not correct when freeze column
  • The Run Parameters table is not expanded in full page width just like other Orcanos Tables
  • When Importing Groups & Project to a user the default group is not saved
  • Is Template value displayed in Work Items Grid is Incorrect
  • Insert Page Break for Printing in Document Generated is not working
  • Start Trace option not displayed for Freezed Item for which add traceability for Freezed Item is enabled
  • Embed Test Run View does not show any data
  • User not allowed to Convert Solution to Project
  • Auto logout should not happen if user is writing (consider the keyboard event in user activity)
  • In generated document, every table cell taking 1 line extra
  • Generated Document is having extra unwanted Blank Page
  • RPN1 and RPN2 selected chart shows validation message to select on Edit Panel by changing the Project
  • When selecting all items in dashboard panel – DONT SELECT test run and defect
  • Item name with angle brackets is not displayed correctly
  • User is able to delete Item for the Project to which user has no permission
  • Removed Customer User can login and view all service calls of customers and add the service calls
  • Branched Items are not considered in burndown chart
  • Edit Defect Description in Advance version branch the defect on Clicking the SAVE Button
  • Remove Is Admin Checkbox from View mode of Service Center Users
  • Last Discussion value is not displayed completely in the View Mode
  • Burndown chart does not consider pool items
  • 2 lines values imported and added shows HTML tag in Edit Item Details Page
  • Do not allow import of Field Initial and Residual RPN values
  • Control Type, Affected and Applicable Component Risk Values not displayed on Import
  • RPN Field value listed in Grid is incorrect
  • Junk character is displayed when mouse hover on Project Key.
  • Import CSV: ‘Name’ column gets unmapped in Edit Setup.
  • User can view the Items of the Project to which user has no access from Solution
  • Multi Select Field value gets removed on Edit 
  • Level 0 (Low) displays white colour instead of blue.
  • Move to View Defect to lower version gives Error
  • For the field Risk Control(system field), imported value is not showing on add and update.
  • Removes action icons and appends ‘0’ in attachment after performing search and close.
  • Import with Orcanos Key: when 2 Text boxes are in work item and, for 1, it’s having limit, then its showing text in TRANC for both fields.
  • Import Date: System shows timestamp (time) in ‘Comments’ when item is updated.
  • Image is not generated in doc when it is copy and paste from paint in a scenario
  • On Import P1, P2 calculated is incorrect when P Hazard * P Harm is enabled
  • Remove “Move to View” option for the defect work item
  • Import work item: If the combo box field having a Yes/No” options then for the “No” option
  • The Item added from “Add from Template” option should display default status
  • Only dynamic tables (Orcanos tables) should have full width, user table width should not be changed
  • Horizontal Scrollbar missing on Import Page
  • Edit icon is displayed on the defect details page for freeze status.
  • Groups and Projects are not imported on Selecting User > Import groups & projects option
  • Description area gets distorted on adding description having chars at Boundary value for the max char limit set
  • Adding one step with limits in test case item adds 2 steps
  • The migration process fails in case the same CSV fields is used more than once
  • Deleted Users are showing in the Organisation Structure Chart
  • After Branch the defect, Detected By field name is showing a person who branched the item.
  • Search on columns of work item customization Page not working when active work items checkbox is checked
  • Edit Description of Attachment accepts more characters than limit set
  • In work Item Grid, Last test Run Result Field CODE is displayed instead of its description value
  • The Column name with the Changed Case are not considered in Edit Setup Page of Import
  • Move to View gives message “Item ID is already deleted
  • Import Records from CSV gives Page Unresponsive message (Try 100 records per page)
  • Right Click options not visible for the items at the end of Page on OnlineDoc for Edit
  • Service call not displayed under correct customer
  • Add Project Version and solution in brackets on Traceability tab
  • When try to add execution set for Run version field, then its adding 1 other mandatory Field rule with this. same for delete.
  • View with multiple order by giver error on Email Current Page
  • The History Records shows the Blank in case updated value is Blank
  • Updated By Field value is incorrect when test step is updated
  • System does not show proper format for Invalid Value for Priority Field in Mechanic Requirement Work Item.
  • On Login, sometimes user gets the message There is no row at Position 0″”
  • The colour gets blank upon mouse hover on Severity RPN Values.
  • Import Item without Name does not display the Error Message in Error Column
  • Open the Work Item Import Page in a new tab when Import data using the option Import > From CSV

Orcanos Release 4.2.0.x Overview

In this release there were some major changes to support the following:

  1. Improve stability 
  2. UI improvements
  3. Improve performance
  4. Improve security
  5. Discontinue for all plugins that required Desktop installation (DMS Import/Export, Docgen)
  6. Risk Management 
  7. Lots of improvements and bug fixes (not all of them reflected in the release notes)

For older release notes, please click here

New Features

FMEA New Risk Changes

Better ISO 14971 Compliance 

Add option to calculate probability using P-hazard * P-harm = P-total. This capability adds another layer of compliance with ISO 14971.

Allow 4 levels of risk acceptability – add new RPN level in Tabular RPN as LowIso 14971 P hazard * P harm

Online Docgen For Generating Documents

More capabilities generating STD, STR, and more

Add option “Include Original ID in case of branch” to print original id in generated document. This is done in order to keep track of previous documents and better compare using the original ID that doesn’t change

Orcanos design control work item original id

Online Docgen Test Management – It now includes the Execution Results for the Test cases under the selected Node, and more options of test results, styling, etc.

Orcanos docgen for document generator - STD

Dashboard And Reports

Changes that were applied in the Dashboard, were meant to save precious time to users

Public Dashboards

Dashboard owner can now share a dashboard by making it Public (for all or for specific groups). This allows creating one dashboard once and use it multiple times for multiple users, in order to avoid for end user creating his own dashboard. It works the same as the Private/Public filters.

orcanos design control - public dashboard

Allow different size (Small, Medium, Full) for Pre-defined Panels like Recent Items and Recent Filters


Start /Create and Cancel Trace

Allows to create Trace by Right-click the Item in the Product Tree

Changes in Traceability Matrix Report (Dashboard)

  • Include Original ID in the Traceability Matrix tab
  • Last run status in traceability shall take last run status of the Selected Project Version

ECO (Engineering Change Order)

ECO Improvements For Better Change Management

Allow to add DMS Item with Different Revision under more than one ECO, in case DMS items were belong to a signed ECO, they can be added to other ECO’s

orcanos qms iso 13485 - eco

Make the ECO ID in the revision table of DMS Item as hyperlink, so it can be opened directly from the Document Control specific document revision

Document Control 

Adding powerful online capabilities for importing and exporting your repository 

Online Import/Export Documents

The desktop plugin is no longer in use, it is purely online now

orcanos qms - dms - document control - export documents

Download your DMS repository in one click: User can export the entire DMS from Orcanos Document Control to his local drive. Orcanos will download a zip file that contains all files and folders in the selected hierarchy, based on the settings user selected (Source, approved PDF, etc.).

Upload files and folders – Allow upload files and folders to the Document Control system by drag and drop – User can add multiple files and folder by simply drag and drop.

Allow regeneration of the PDF publishing in case of failure

User can regenerate the PDF in case of PDF Publish error using Retry Icon in the Action Column of the Corresponding Revision File

Work Items

Accelerate QMS Capabilities

New Children Tab –Show child items in a new TAB

Add unlimited Work Items from Admin – In order to customize your QMS completely, Orcanos has added a capability for Admin to add new work items from the Orcanos System – Add Icon is available on Admin >Customization> Work Items to add new Work Items (requires special license)

New work item Recall, code RCL added in Work Items List to keep better tracking of recalls and trace them back to your QMS or design control

Suspicious Indication – Don’t apply suspicious if status changes, only for name and description

Include original ID Field in the filter, so in case item is branched, it is possible to see its original ID in the results

Allow to add new work item from template also from Work Item menu and not just from product tree

Work Item Editor

Add new capabilities for the editor – Table and Image resize using drag and drop rather than open a popup screen

Add Image button to RICH TEXT tool bar

Work Item Grid – Improvements in Back Button – It retains the grid stage before clicking the View icon (performance considerations)

On Clicking Back, the View is not refreshed to display all data but it displays the previous selected View grid results

History tab – Only Top 50 should are listed by default (performance considerations). Rest would be retrieved on clicking “More” Hyperlink

Traceability tab – The new Column “Locked Indication” is added. It would display the Project’s version current status

Import Work Items

Name in Import Setup is not mandatory now

Import pagination allows to list 1000 records per page now

Import CSV File with Numeric Field Blank – Handle the blank numeric data in the Excel by giving default value as 0


Change the advanced search to search complete word instead of a partial word, in order to make search faster


e-DHR allows for lot Management –  Allow managing lot’s released numbers. So upon signoff of an EDHR item with lot# based on X quantity of items, that action will release X instances of that same serial number

Performance, Stability, Security

Major changes were made in Orcanos infrastructure to improve performance, stability and security

  1. The method of work with web services is more secure and robust, working with Tokens
  2. The amount of calls to the server for each request was reduced tremendously
  3. The filters architecture was changed to allow queries to run faster

Customer Support

Online Chat – Add chat link on the login Page, so user doesn’t have to login in order to contact support.


Add Search bar – Search is provided in users tab of the Project 

Increase the Word limit  – Make Custom field Rich Text Editor nvarchar(max)

Show Active Work Items Checkbox – Add the checkbox to list only the active Work Items


Sign and Reject selection list box are replaced with Approved and Reject Buttons

Service Center

Users Tab – The Users tab is listed now for Sites also

Performance improvement on retrieving list of customers in Service Center module

Bug Fixes

  • Show only exclude Items checkbox is not working for the Tabs 
  • Cover letter is not proper in case the Revision description is long 
  • User is able to update the Item Description of the locked version item without branch 
  • Multiple feature selection is not displayed correctly in Dashboard Panel
  • First Name and Last Name accepts all special characters
  • Remove the Column “Dependent Fields” from Custom Fields Page
  • Multi select values are not listed properly
  • On changing Project on Sharing Fields Page, the Work Item gets reset to first work item listed
  • Change Traceability for Freeze Item checkbox option is missing from Business Requirement in Admin> group> work item permissions
  • Sharing Fields Page is not refreshed on checking all 3 checkboxes for Show only exclude items
  • For some table with a blank table row in HTML is giving an error and stopping the document generation 
  • Remove Convert Item option when Project/Solution Node selected in Product tree
  • Service call not displayed under correct customer 
  • Edit/Move/Delete Test steps of DEFECT after Branch are recorded in lower version in which defect was created
  • The Last saved number of records not listed on Process flow and mandatory Field Tab of the Project
  • Cover letters are not getting Exported using Export Tree
  • User is not able to add defect if default status having special characters
  • Work flow doesn’t function – after W/F import users are able to move to any status even if excluded in permission group
  • Field names with Apostrophe are displayed blank in the Dashboard Panel
  • Edit Defect Field value in Edit View include change in Description in History
  • Panel with Customer name field value having apostrophe does not display any data
  • Edit Import Setup with Hebrew File gives warning message and does not allow to Edit Import setup
  • User is not able to re assign the test case in the execution set
  • Click on Branched Id from Work Item Grid gives error
  • The “Show Discussion” in the Email template is not listed in the Email Received
  • Object Reference Error message in the Panel in case selected Project is marked Inactive
  • Email current Page does not display the correct field value for the Rich Text editor field
  • work Item Import: Hebrew Data in Excel is displayed as ? mark on import
  • There is no row at Position 0 when import work item at Parent id which does not exist in the system
  • Customer Overview Page details are not listed
  • Copy – Paste the test step shows the advance version in History
  • Remove Test Run and Defect from Work item Selection list from Manage ECO Items pop-up
  • No Log recorded for Status value update in the System table
  • The heading in the generated document does not match the heading font size defined in the template
  • Do not allow to convert the Signed WorkItems
  • Item opened in a new tab from Solution does not list solution items
  • When using xml for record execution in web service ‘Record_Execution_Results_New’ its giving error of object reference
  • 1 line test case description not displayed in online generated document when Include test case results checkbox is unchecked
  • Blank Document Generated via Online Document Generator
  • Scrollbar at the End of the Dashboard Page opens the Add Icon option
  • import document:all images are not showing
  • Import does not work for Checkbox field type
  • When clicking on link from the discussion it opens in the same tab instead of new tab
  • When user is suspended , assigned to is changed of freeze records and electronically approved records too
  • Index was outside the bounds of the array error when generate document with test cases
  • A Lock Icon is displayed for the Locked + Active Project version in Online Doc for Edit Page
  • Add Item by Right-click at Project or Solution node is not working
  • Quick search for Defect type is giving error
  • System Field is not showing field value in the email notification in email template. (special field for alma laser)
  • Single Item added in the product tree is not listed properly
  • French File name in Download PDF is incorrect
  • Locate in Product tree for Allow Single login unchecked item to Dashboard
  • Multiple items added under product tree is not listed properly
  • User can branch DMS Item in the Project using mass update option
  • PDF Publish error on Signing the File with Change #2 as previous file added is in draft
  • Cover letter Data gets distorted in case Document with 2 different headers is signed
  • Headings in Item Description distorts the order of items listed in Online Document Generator
  • Login with Site User does not display the Related service Calls
  • Last selected filter is not retrieved on next page load
  • Google map opened in Full screen gives the pop-up message
  • Add service call is possible for Inactive Customer’s site
  • Disable/Remove Branch checkbox for mass update service calls
  • Add System table for Unit test work item
  • Dynamic table font and font size are applied to the all text where style is not applied
  • Drill Down in Panel with Import Date values is giving error
  • User can edit test step for which Signing Process has started from Online Doc for Edit Page
  • Tabular text of 26 rows in Rich Editor Custom Field gives error (chars length ~900)
  • When Description field is added to the grid it take so much time too load
  • Last Run Status in Traceability Report is incorrect
  • User is able to go to edit screen of the Defect for the Project to which user has no permission
  • When 2 Items having ID matched upto 4 digits are added as ECO Item, it does not show correct Revisions list
  • Specify criteria should be reset/removed on changing the report level in Test Run View
  • When 1 field is dependent on field 2 then on single edit for field 2, its not showing error.
  • Incorrect log in case Delete status from System table which exist in the Process Flow
  • View with ECO Item Indication value No is not giving any result
  • After Signing CR, the Item gets freeze irrespective of the Process Flow defined in the Project
  • Existing and New Electronic Signatures are not showing in the list.
  • Can’t finish test case with parameter value which is deleted and added again